Paris-based Electro producer Behdad Nejatbakhshe has never been an all that predictable asset to France’s legendary club music export. But while 2012 has spelt nothing but promise for the organic club mongers, the aftermath of the summer season sees Uppermost drop his new album ‘One’ to hit home a collection of forward-thinking properties.

But a sound scope ranging from the down tempo stylings of ‘Different’ and ‘Destination’ right through to the heavily distorted sounds of ‘Dance’ and ‘Blasted’, ‘One’ ditches the straight up Electro House that the Paris resident has encompassed over the years to collect one of the most innovative and multifarious full-length albums to have touched Electronic music of late.

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00:00 – Origin
00:22 – Dance
00:47 – Blasted
01:41 – The People
02:42 – Faster
03:57 – Disconnected
05:26 – Flashback
06:34 – Gather
07:42 – Dreamworld
08:47 – Different
09:57 – Human
10:50 – Destination

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