Israeli House asset Guy Judah, professionally known as Guy J, follows up the release of ‘Lost and Found‘ to take on remix duties for longserving American Kevin Yost in the name of forward-thinking Progressive House.

Swapping his dreamy melodic play for a somber yet refreshing, bass-heavy sound, Judah takes a turn for the heavier-set realms of classic Progressive to complement the somewhat ambiguous vocal properties of ‘Persistence’. Where ‘Lost and Found’ marked a successful launch of his new record label with the same name, Guy J’s remix of Kevin Yost’s ‘Persistence’ is the next notch in his ongoing quest to prove why traditional House is still worth pursuing amid the somewhat stateside biased 21st century Electronic music explosion.

Due out September 23.

3 Comments to “Preview: Kevin Yost – Persistence (Guy J Remix)”

  • looking forward to see what he makes out of this label

  • Guy J is a genius of a producer! The mood of his tracks are on a Pryda-level…

  • Nicest person ever and an absolutely amazing producer and DJ. Super excited for what Lost & Found has in store.

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