Taking some time out from his collaborative affair alongside Sander van Doorn, aspiring Dutch chart-hopper Julian Jordan follows up Beatport #1 ‘Kangaroo‘ for a return to high-end remix duties. Amid a year that has already seen him gain heavy support from across the globe, Jordan joins the ranks of Ministry Of Sound to take on a single from longserving British tunemonger DJ Fresh’s upcoming third studio album.

Swapping the lush drum and bass stylings of the original for his signature mixture of infectious melodic play and grinding Electro House, the 17-year-old Hollander dons his straight up big room Dance sound to RaVaughn’s uplifting voice with little sign of staggering the production values for the sake of a fashionable flare.

Out September 23 on Ministry Of Sound Recordings.

18 Comments to “Preview: DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn – The Feeling (Julian Jordan Remix)”

  • love it.

  • hate it.

  • seriously this is so freaking bad, there are tons songs like these on youtube, it doesn’t require skills to make this style. Just a cheesy melody and filled with nexus sounds and you are there.

  • I love it!!!

  • Inget nytt eller spännande. Hört dessa produktioner tusentals gången innan.

  • these new kids are so bad, weak productions, labels like spinnin are making their career big just because they are young! music has no age…this is garbage

  • is it just me or is there like no lower frequencies at all in this track???

  • Hahaha, this is pathetic

  • @EMIL

    thats what i thought too, seems like there’s no bass whatsoever in this track

  • So what if he’s 17????? that makes it OK to put out AVERAGE at BEST music???? He’s fucking garbage, if beatmyday keeps posting shit like this I for 1 am going to stop reading. Fucking sheep man thats what this industry is becoming… a farm full of sheep who just follow the other sheep.

  • paul: Yet, when we post something fresher and a bit different, the response is below average at best?

  • yup this sucks balls..

  • Guys like Paul are the reason this blog is full of haters. Failed artists as themself choose to hate on young kids that are taking the spot they think they deserve. Critism is OKE, but just plain hating on every new kid or something not up your alley is just low.

  • better then avikki

  • I hate how producers think putting a ”ghetto-beat” makes the song less crappy and more housey..at about 2:08. However, this kid has A LOT OF potential but i can’t say i like this too much because it sounds, well, like everything.

  • Amazing for a 12 year old!

  • But I totally agree with many of you, the labels are just picking up these guys because they’re so young, hoping they’ll strike big in less than ten years by co-producing with the label head. So many more talented producers out there without a label… I’d rather see an 80 year old play than a ten year old…

  • @Anton ok, I know I am way too critical with this stuff but like you I do know the industry and ofcourse your motive is to post the latest hype regardless of whether it’s to your taste or not… BeatMyDay is the best blog on the internet in my opinion that’s why I was a so harsh when I saw this posted… I apologise.

    As for me being a failed artist I’m 24 and honestly I do feel like a failed artist, I’ve spent the last 6 years trying to be original and been rejected by every label from here to Beijing.

    I don’t want to conform to what everyone else is doing but I really should start taking influence from people because what I’m doing now isn’t getting me anywhere.

    Here’s my last EP (feel free to hate) – http://www.beatport.com/release/111-ep/876281

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