Far from just ‘the other Kalkbrenner kid’, Berlin’s Fritz Kalkbrenner is back to unveil the first single off of his long-awaited second studio album. It may have been four years since he donned his vintage vocals to Paul and his ‘Sky And Sand’, but if ‘Get A Life’ is any indiciation, Fritz’s unique hold on the genre has certainly not slipped of late.

In true Kalkbrenner fashion, Fritz fuses his delicate vocal line with smooth chords and a sophisticated bass groove to make for a movie-like piece of music rather than a club gem. Invoking that feeling of watching a rainy landscape pass by through the window of a fast-going car, ‘Get A Life’ sees Fritz continue to prove that there is more to Dance music than high-pitched synths and grinding Electro House.

Out September 21 on Suol.

5 Comments to “Preview: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Get A Life [Suol]”

  • Well not bad but I’m missing the vibe a bit from the Wes EP..
    Let’s wait how this album turns out

  • This is so good.

  • amazing. love it

  • did not go many seconds before i got goosebumps

  • This track is magic…

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