Back on remix duty after their remodel of The Others’ ‘The Way You Make Me‘, eclectic French duo BeatauCue take on remix duties for the lead single off of Two Door Cinema Club’s second studio album.

Boasting all the characteristics of a modern French piece of art, their reign as a neophyte stronghold in European Dance music is embellished with this frisky yet smoothly ornamented homecoming of superior Electronic stylings. In a world where Europe’s reign can often be associated with untimely stereotypes, there is something organically artistic in Alexis Bruaert and Médéric Martin’s definitive nod to the new school French onslaught that makes this gem of a remix all that more exciting.


4 Comments to “Free Download: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (BeatauCue Remix)”

  • What kind of style would you call BeataCue’s electro. They always chop up vocals and sew it into the melody.

    It’s not complextro.
    It’s not fidget.

    What’s it called!?

  • @Joey Joey Joey Vocalextro would be my guess

  • Is that a recognized term?

  • Let’s all put good music into different boxes shall we! The more boxes, the better..

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