An emotional rollercoaster of countless industry firsts – the Swedish House Mafia have rightfully earned their place in the history books of Electronic music. But as the standard setting figureheads of Dance music prepare to bow out with their last collective tour, the Swedish House dons follow up ‘Greyhound’ with the release of their sixth studio single in ‘Don’t You Worry Child’.

Perhaps a notion to their own family bonds or to the wealth of young admirers that their club stylings have accumulated over the years, this emotional original is a fittingly sincere soundtrack to the end of their reign on global Dance music. Employing the heart-rending vocal skills of John Martin, the trio exercise a strong sense of euphoria for this suspected studio finale. As melodically refined and energetically stirring as their infamous reputation would dictate, ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ is yet another chapter in the studio careers of Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell that will remain on record as the peak of an influential force who came, raved and loved to the very end of their landmark industry venture.

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Update (5/10): The extended and instrumental mixes have now been released on iTunes.

Acoustic version: (Catch the music sheet here.)

Words by Dan Carter

37 Comments to “Release: Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child”

  • Finally! Hope the video is good aswell :)

  • Will this be published on BeatPort? I WANT .AIFF!!!!

  • 3rd

  • HugeFan: Pretty sure it will be, yes. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Waiting for Beatport + Extended

  • Extended version is what I want to so badly!!

  • The promo CD (.wav) for this was leaked 3 and a half weeks ago with the radio edit, instrumental radio edit and extended mix


  • Skön vocal, KEFF låt. Borde vara tvärt om…

  • gooooood i love revibe. god bless you!


  • Why the hell are only the worthless Radio Edit released?
    But good you can get the extended edit in other ways!

    /Im a Pirate

  • any 320 kbps soundcloud link?

  • Perfect example of taking house to a mainstream level…


  • ? SHM will make a final world tour ?

  • love the track! but does anyone know anything about SHM’s live album ”One Night Stand”?

  • Noik: That one was released last year..

  • seriously? when? beatport link?

  • Gooooood gooooooooooood.


  • Track of the year!

  • Love love love!

  • Yeah I agree with Noik. When SHM announced Madison Square Garden + Milton Keynes shows, they also said they were releasing a ”Live Album” called ”One Night Stand” including the famous Coldplay vs Swedish House Mafia track. Anyone know this ”Live Album” got swept under the carpet so quietly without the hunders of thousands of SHM fans asking questions?!

  • I miss house music…

  • How about remixes for this track? Any words, @BMD?

  • Sille: Things can always change, but there won’t be any (official remixes).

  • fuuuu! not available in austria -.-

  • Not extented in france, only in sweden..

  • 祖父たび監視するために使用されるYouTubeの面白い ビデオレッスン、hehehehehe、理由彼なるように願いを 陽気 永遠 Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (ft John Martin) | Beat My Day – It’s all about the house music! 。
    ゴヤール バッグ

  • 当然高解像度ビデオ多くのメモリ、その Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (ft John Martin) | Beat My Day – It’s all about the house music! なぜそれが提供を与える強化 品質。
    バーバリー アウトレットバーバリー アウトレット

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