Stepping away from his onslaught of free downloads, Atlanta’s 19-year-old Popeska ups the ante to mark not only his second formal release but the relaunch of Wolfgang Gartner’s Kindergarten Recordings with a four-piece EP entitled ‘Karmameter’.

Unsurprisingly in the same vein as Gartner’s grinding signature sound that also have become hallmarks of his Electronic overhaul, Popeska brings aboard Gartner himself for edit duties to make up an A-side of warped lead work and gritty beats alongside his own headlining single. But in a radio-friendlier manner, vocal appearances from aspiring American singers Hannah Juliano and Anna Yvette mark a smooth turn of experimental value to this eccentric journey into somewhat unconventional club music. Wobbles at the ready, the 19-year-old genre-bender can be commended both for fuelling this momentous offering with unpretentious creativity and catching the attention of one of the more notorious quality controllers of the American club scene.

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