To say that the realms of Electro House have become somewhat predictable within its universal explosion is no overstatement. But on hand to bring his intricate take on the genre to the table, 17-year-old American Caveat, who is just about to join Dada Life on their Dada Land tour, unveils his debut original track, entitled ‘Bring The Bass Back’.

Jumping between fidgety synth leads and stadium-worthy chord play, his grinding sound scope of sturdy kicks and piercing lead play is a testament to underdog productions of a moderately high calibre. While missing out on the epic production values of his more esteemed peers, his young age has clearly not diluted his ability to produce intricate Electro of promising traits.

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  • I saw so much dada post about this on their facebook page. I’m guessing it’s going out on so much dada then?

  • Well he’s currently on tour with Dada Life & was on the remix package for ”Happy Violence” so it its very possible to be released through So Much Dada.

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