With ‘Iron‘ still sitting comfortably at #1 in the overall Beatport chart, Protocol Recordings ups the ante for it’s first non-Nicky Romero release, courtesy of France’s Tony Romera.

But not confined to one solitary sound, fast-rising Romera ditches the grinding Electro that pervaded his Beatport #3 remix of ‘Breaking Up’ alongside Bartosz Brenes for a minimalistic cut in ‘Pandor’. As premiered on last night’s episode of Protocol Radio, the standalone rolling chord play and mesmerizing breakdown melodies reminiscent of Sander van Doorn’s ‘Koko’ that make up ‘Pandor’ look to extend his club-savvy studio output with a solid contribution to the festival season.

Out December 3rd on Protocol Recordings.

20 Comments to “Preview: Tony Romera – Pandor [Protocol]”

  • This is, in my eyes, a new sound, something fresh from Tony Romera! Minimalistic! Alot of people will disagree with me right now, but I’ve never come across anything familiar as far as the drop! The breakdown is weak and boring (don’t know why)

  • Glad to see that this kind of drop is brought into the more commersiall appeal. Iv’e only heard deadmau5 do it before.

    Anyway, this is good, reminds me of Atom despite the cheesy clap and shakers used by so many others.

  • build up sounds all the same with his tracks, so boring. and drop sounds exactly like Tony Romera- public enemy with differet pitch. VERY DISSAPOINT, ALL TRACK HE PRODUCES SOUNDING THE SAME, NO CREATIVITY AT ALL ;(

  • ”Music isnt about the fokin ”drop”…what the fok is a drop? Stop saying that word just enjoy music” // Skrillex

    But yeah, this sucks.

  • really really really bad track..

    nothing special here ?

  • The break reminds me a lot of ”iron” by nicky romero, the drop is a mix between ”Atom” and ”public ennemy” ……..

  • Hahahaha WTF it’s the same chords to Alesso – Clash, yes?

  • Nice track, can’t wait for it to be released.

  • piece of shit! crap version of atom

  • The drop is the EXACT same as Deadmau5 – FML, except for the synth

  • very very very bad track

  • no one noticed its exactly like his remix to IRON…

  • just that he made this one before his iron remix. and this record is HUUUUGE.

  • michael brun – rise (dirty south edit)…

  • phahahahaa this track is so bad ;p the main melody sounds just like iron, wich is copied from clash by alesso. and the drop sounds like deadmau5 – fml.

  • Wow! That track sucks!

  • sound exactly the same as his iron remix… just without the iron parts… still waiting for Symphonica on Protocol Recordings… I guess the next one will be the Like Home Remixes (Dannic and Dillon Francis), as it was with Iron, and then Symphonica xD

  • Progressive House.

    Clash progressed into Iron which progressed into Pandor.


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