Coming off the release of an orchestral make-over for the recent fourth Bourne film, ‘The Bourne Legacy’, Moby’s ‘Extreme Ways’ classic receives yet another fresh lick of paint for 2012, courtesy of German Mpire builder Moguai.

Building on the original’s brittle vocals and ambient, string-driven sample from Hugo Winterhalter’s cover of Fred Neil’s ‘Everybody’s Talkin’, André Tegeler’s acid-esque chord play is met with segments of soothing bliss for something of a signature remix on the eclectic German’s behalf. Although Moby’s lullaby-esque original will remain forever unparalleled where ‘Extreme Ways’ remixes are concerned, Tegeler’s mixture of rock-influenced Electro House indicates that the life and times of Moguai will continue to take turns for the best in the near future.

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6 Comments to “Release: Moby – Extreme Ways (Bourne’s Legacy) (Moguai Remix)”

  • Wow! Kind of like his fatboy slim remix, i like it!

  • This guy… His album was a true piece of art and this is nothing short of spectacular. Impressive stuff!

  • BeatMyDay:

    Why haven’t you write abou Crookers new EP?

  • Was very sceptical when I saw the title but this does the original mix justice.

  • Love it !!!

  • This was an epic track. Moby is insanely talented sometimes I forget, good remix too.

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