Joining the ranks of Tiësto, Size-endorsed Swede duo Qulinez continue their onslaught of remixes for the masses with a take on Calvin Harris and Florence Welch’s upcoming single, ‘Sweet Nothing‘.

Given an exclusive spin on last night’s Danny Howard show for BBC Radio 1, Alexander Lager and Johannes Gustafsson ditch their heavier-set sound for a 128BPM breeze over Florence’s ethereal top line. Utilising the original’s blistering chord play with euphoric builds and synth-led opulence, Qulinez’s return to remix duties may lack in originality, but excels on the merits of uplifting Progressive energy.

Out October 14th.

35 Comments to “Preview: Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing (Qulinez Remix)”

  • The original needs no remixes.

  • hahahahahaha

  • Sounds decent. Nothing more, nothing less. Any new info on this ??

  • nice

  • One of the worst remixes made in 2012

  • Qulinez: ”How about destroy this great track from Calvin Harris?!”

    YEEEEES! …..

  • Good remix!

  • Disappointed :(

  • I think its pretty good! Glad they are trying something new! And not using the ”Troll”-sounds on every track!

  • i think the original is unbeatable !

    and this just doesnt feel right with the vocal to me ?

  • so horrible……

  • det enda som är bra här är ju vocals sen är det bara ett konstant ”techno” dunk? låter helt fel

  • sound bad.. Only good thing with the remix is the vocal, witch has nothing to do with Qulinez.. Kom igen, till att börja med låtar alla deras låtar likadant sedan kommer denna remix.. Låter som ett halvdåligt fjortisdunk.. Inga skills to pay the bills direkt.

  • Don’t like it, meh..

  • Secondtunez, ermahgerd… haha

  • Haha if You guys don’t like it, I’d suggest You make a better remix so everyone can be happier :)

  • wow that kick is just no good

  • Qulinez had Troll and that’s it

  • @lid: How about we’re not professional producers? And we’re not signed to Size? And don’t play at the main stage of tomorrowland?

  • ”lid” so if you don’t like a song you must do better even if you don’t make music? Nice logic you have there young boy.

  • Huuuuuge!

  • Original horrible, only the voice was interesting
    Good job guys!

  • I like it! It grows on you guy, trust me ;)

  • @ Svensk house: så långt ifrån techno man kan komma…

  • I like it!

  • The melody is boring… The vocals are great but besides that, nothing special

  • The bassline sounds like it came from a 2000’s après-ski song.

  • Same lead, and the same saw as usual!



  • Sounds kinda like the Dubvision – ID from axtone!

    Nothing special here though

  • Still waiting for Dynamic. Any news on that one?

  • People is jeoulus cuz they cant make tracks like this…

  • @Yaah

    No, we’re not.

  • hm qulinez remixes are mostly dissapointing , troll and thats it, maybe their new original productions will be be better

  • @lid dont publish such a stupid comment, seriously! All tracks needs to be criticised, especially this one. This sounded like a 1h project, horrible!

  • Horrible. I smell a one-hit wonder.

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