As the inspired leading lady of a more traditional take on Progressive House music, Switzerland’s Tamara Hunkeler, better known to the world as Dinka, returns to Unreleased Digital to present the two-track follow-up EP to ‘Innocence‘.

Where title track ‘Polarity’ leads with a showcase of her own take on the increasingly popular fusion of energetic Progressive House and euphoric Trance, B-side ‘America’ goes in the same vein as the more ambient stylings we have come to associate with her Dinka moniker and rounds off the EP with her soothing flows of melodic bliss.

The ‘Polarity’ EP will be released on October 8.

00:00 – Polarity
02:22 – America

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  • God thats beautiful

  • for me the opposite as Orre wrote. sorry.

  • The sad part about Dinka is that all her songs sounds the same, but some tracks are good.

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