Off the back of a string of collaborative efforts alongside the likes of Deniz Koyu, Nicky Romero and Johan Wedel, Holland’s Fedde Le Grand is back to unveil his first solo original since last year’s ‘So Much Love‘, entitled ‘RAW’.

In a tough yet melodic production of chugging lead work and festival friendly Electro, the Hardwell-premiered track finds itself well in its element with a blistering take on a sound that Le Grand has not only mastered, but set the standard to an all-time-high for. As infectious as you would expect from the Sensation resident and soaked in that familiar Fedde Le Grand charm, the Dutch heavyweight would struggle to find a more promising return to solo original productions.

Update (26/11): Release date is set for December 24th.

Update: New sample added.

27 Comments to “Preview: Fedde Le Grand – RAW”

  • sounds like LUNAR from afrojack and david guetta

  • LOOOOOOOL wazzuppoo WHERE THE HELL do you hear a similarity ?????!!!!!!

  • My all time favorite DJ/producer come back! Fuckin love this guy.

  • c’mon man, there’ no similarity in it with Lunar! Fedde has unique style since he started producing, and he never did copied someone. And i have to mention that he never dissapointed me with his productions, what a banger! Go Fedde!

  • wazzuppooo: Yes, yes it does. However, it’s 100 times better!

  • This is why Fedde is my favorite.. Originality. He never disappoints me. Your guys from BMD should describe it so much more!

  • The biggest news today! Fedde Le Grand!

  • @wazzuppoo: Are u fuckin kidding me? You probably don’t know anything about Fedde……
    He’s one of the best DJ, Producers in this EDM scene. No one is as original as he is. Love him DJ’ing in shows..

  • Love FLG but this falls short for me. Same old tired electro sound. Love his releases last year, but this year has been one huge disappointment save for that remix of Digitalism with Deniz Koyu.

  • Sounds like Derezzed

  • Fedde Le Grand, the one, the only and THE BEST!!! Love this track, gonna be huge!!!

  • ay… I love Fedde , but this. I dont know, it seems too much N Romero style to me, I dunno , just not the Fedde I love. . I am not convinced . sorry

  • @trey i have to agree with you, he only released 3 tracks 1 of them being a remix.
    last year he released banger after banger but this year was a huge disappointment!
    2012 wasnt feddes year. maybe 2013 again, but his live shows werent so great and his videos and all that, i think he changed a lot, cuz 2011 was such a big year for him and in 2012 he needed some time to relax and get new ideas.

  • Sounds like another Dyro track

  • Does this post suggest that Fedde is from Breda? well, I am, Hardwell is, but Fedde is not from here, thought eindhoven. smalllll detail

  • Think the track is very mediocre, not outstanding

  • will be forgotten in month.. i love my fedde but this yeh i wont pay attention to this one

  • AGH i’ve heard the SAME bassline from the breakdown in another song very recently. Can’t remember which song, and it’s killing me haha.

  • fuuuuucking hell. this is reaaalllyy good!

  • definately similar to lunar!

  • LOL, originality.. You should start producing and download the Vengeance Samples.. Control Room is a standard sample, just like there is one for Steve Angello’s Knas. But Fedde is dutch, for the rest of his tracks I give him big respect!

  • Lol.. You do not know nothing about him. .

  • I don’t really care what it sounds like, as long as it’s good cuz ”we like it RAW!” ;)

  • RAAAW. This is why I fucking love Fedde Le Grand !!

  • pretty massive track but pretty shit label..

  • Spinnin’ Ok?

  • derezzed… iron… which one is the next? toulouse?

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