Harbouring the same emotive resonance as previous works of theirs, German Progressive outfit Inpetto mark their return to Doorn Records with a festival-proof follow-up to ‘Yuccasin‘. Pinpointing the modus operandi that has engulfed European Dance music of late, the release sees refined Dutch Progressive maestro Sander van Doorn step up to don his ear to the duo’s second coming to the label, ‘Shhhh!’.

They say that three is a charm and with evocative synth play and sturdy beat work, their collective return to Doorn spells lush club fuel at its finer, suggesting that this trio isn’t just blowing smoke where European Dance music is concerned. Setting a canvas of Progressive beats and prancing synth play to deal a blow of euphoric vibes left right and centre, ‘Shhhh!’ encapsulates the peak time energy now formally associated with this Dutch/German triple-threat.

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