Under his potent Louis La Roche moniker, Norwich’s Brett Ewels makes his return to mainstream remix duties for his most daring effort to date, reinterpreting a single off of Justin Bieber’s third studio album.

Armed with his own vintage House sound, Ewels’ remix of the hotly discussed teenage heartthrob sees the ‘As Long As You Love Me’ single take a turn for the deeper realms of Dance music. Pitting ardent grooves and stiff lead play alongside the dissected top line of Bieber’s original chart-pleaser, Louis La Roche makes respectable ground for this pop/club transition of controversial properties.

More info on the release as we get it.

7 Comments to “Preview: Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me (Louis La Roche Remix)”

  • Sjukt bra och kreativt.

  • This is quality. Turning the epitome of current teenage heartthrob pop music into quality house music is what a proper remix should do. Dada Life did it before, LLR shows how sophisticated this can get. Awesome.

  • I actually really like this. He remixed it well.

  • You know you’re a good remixer when you can remix shit into good music :)

  • Sebatian: +1!!

  • this is gold

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