Slamming the door on genre defiancy and ripping the Beatport charts a new one at every possible turn, Zedd’s ascent has been anything but quiet. But in the wake of first album single and Beatport #1 ‘Spectrum‘ alongside Matthew Koma, Anton Zaslavski makes a glorious return to release his debut artist album “Clarity” for Interscope Records.

While 2012 has spelt nothing but promise for the thriving Dance music scene, October 2nd sees the Germany-bred producer hit home a highly potent 10-track collection of diverse properties. With a sound scope ranging from the melodic bliss of ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Follow You Down’ right through to the heavier realms of ‘Epos’ and ‘Codec’ and a slightly remodeled version of ‘Shave It’, “Clarity” ditches the straight up Progressive and Electro now synonymous with Dance music to collect one of the most fluid and multifarious full-length albums to have touched Electronic music in a long time. Boasting a vocalist roster that could make Kaskade jealous, Zedd’s wholehearted take on the spectrum of Electronic music for the masses indicates that among the times of industrious evolution and mainstream accumulation, Dance music with creative soul still exists.

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Update (29/10): The extended mix of ‘Lost At Sea’ has been released on Beatport.

Update (12/11): The extended mix of lead single ‘Clarity’ has been released on Beatport.

Update (26/11): The extended mix of ‘Follow You Down’ has been released on Beatport.

Words by Dan Carter

28 Comments to “Album Release: Zedd – Clarity”

  • Codec is brilliant

  • I love zedd, with all due to respect.. I’m deeply dissapointed by this album. I guess he rushed it or something..

  • YES YES YES! Finally, love Zedd and this album is just unreal

  • Fall Into The Sky is the best song on the album.

    I expected a bit more from this album, although I’m not sure what I should’ve expected.

  • An21 & Max vangeli album – haha what a f”’king joke
    Zedd album – <3

  • Sick Album!

    i’d love if it will be some kind of album mixtape!! :D

    great work Zedd.

  • Can’t wait to buy this on monday! Do you know if there will be an extended album made available also?

  • Decent album imo, nothing more.

  • Brilliant!

  • Fall Into The Sky… is that 50 Cent – In Da Club sampled at the end? :)

    An overall great album!

  • A mediocore, mainstream, Electro House album. Nothing special, but it’s ok i guess.
    As Jonathan said, he kinda tushed into it. He should take more time doing it.

  • *rushed

  • I miss real music.

  • Terrible! Sorry, I had to say that – Zedd’s trying too hard to invent his own genre or style, and I personally don’t think it’s working – I’ll admit that some songs on their are fairly average but some tracks are just pure odd and wierd!

  • This sounds really familiar to me =/

  • Descent, some songs feels the same.

  • Electro pop house. AWFUL.

  • Its a decent album in your headphones but it would destroy out in the club!
    This kind of music needs the right mood and everything surrounding it, not just a pair of shitty headphones in an apartment

  • You guys must be nuts, this is as good as Calvin Harris’ upcoming album. Got bombs, got soothing tracks, good vocals, nice beats, what else do you “big experts” desire in an album…

  • This album will work for people who loved spectrum.
    I personally hated his other songs but once he made spectrum i started to get interested.
    And this album is just perfect for me.
    Love it Zedd
    More of this stuff

  • quite angry with this album, it was really terrible, i expected so much more from zedd. Zedd is one of my favourites and this just isnt him, the video’s though were awesome. This was nothing special or exciting, it had nothing to get you going like many of his older songs if you know what i mean. Just dissapointed

  • All i can say is that im disappointed, this album was kinda shit. Zedd is one of my favourite’s and he just didnt put much into this album it seems. There was nothing really special about this album it was very monotonous and mediocre, the videos were awesome but everything else was quite bad.

  • This album is totally perfect, masterpiece

  • Think it’s a really good album. Codec and Clarity especially are great!

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