On the heels of a daring take on Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad‘, Dutch House music’s bonafide party boy Nick van de Wall is back with an effort of far less controversial properties, stepping up to don his ear against UK-born singer Kirsty’s ‘Hands High’.

Teeming with blistering bleep work and churning low-end riffage, the Dutch heavyweight’s latest remix is classic Afrojack, replacing the acoustic instrumental of the relaxing original with those instantly recognizable twists and turns of van de Wall. Now officially seeing the light of day after having been a staple in his live sets over the past few months, his remix of Kirsty looks set to further set the tone ahead of his upcoming full-length album in true Afrojack fashion.

Out October 29th.

9 Comments to “Preview: Kirsty – Hands High (Afrojack Remix)”

  • <3

  • bet this song took all of 3 hours to make…..

  • The vocal makes me cringe.

  • I’d say 2.5 hours. Wow, pure shit.

  • Damn and he was on a come back. The Bad drop was dirty and the Tom Starr and Kryder remix Cant stop me now was good too. This just set him back again IMO.

  • Shit like all his stuff

  • Pretty darn similar to Mutate (Rock the Houze) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pgIu8PehL8

  • Garbage

  • crapelicrap

  • haha, ^^ none of these people have an appreciation for dutch house.

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