Following up on the Tom Staar and Kryder remix, Swedish House Mafia’s ”Don’t You Worry Child” receives a fresh second coat of paint for 2012 courtesy of Promise Land. As debuted by Steve Angello at Size In The Park last month, the Italy duo continue their successive spree of stern yet melodic club offerings with a wobbly take on the trio’s sixth and last single release.

Utilizing the original tracks standout vocal assets courtesy of John Martin and injecting a thorough dose of persistent misshapen chord play to the equation, Nazario Pelusi and Fabio Ranucci set the tone ahead of their upcoming Size Records single ‘Heroes’ with stadium-worthy substance.

Release date is yet to be announced.

28 Comments to “Preview: Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (Promise Land Remix)”

  • Meh! That acapella sounds so flat when not used in breaks.
    Not very interesting remix to be honest …

  • :D

  • Why all this weird remixes?

    They just need Alesso, like they did with SAVE THE WORLD ..

  • epic!

  • they need a Zedd remix!

  • Again awesome remix much better than original mix.

  • Aleeso remix? Eric Prydz remix? Dirty South remix? Avicii remix? Deniz Koyu remix?

  • How about no?

  • What a weird remixes, just bring the Eric Prydz remix + Alesso & Knife Party remixes!!!

  • needs walden remix.

    how bout he repeats his in my mind sensation ? :D

  • all i’m waiting for is a remix from deniz koyu or tommy trash:D:)

  • The Promise Land remix sounds very promising! ;)

  • Needs An21 or Alesso touch.. :)

  • @andrew1156 that is soo true!

  • ahh no stop remixing this song!! it shouldnt be allowed!

  • They’re picking ”obscure” artists (up and comers, but B-level artists IMO) to remix this song. It doesn’t seem to be working. You would figure, that with this being their last track, they might go all out with the remix package. I doubt eric prydz would remix this song, even when you consider his relationship with the mafia. Yes I’m surprised an alesso remix hasn’t popped up yet though. Whatever, the original is good enough

  • An A-trak remix would be interesting, or a techy/deep Pete Tong-ish remix. Sadly, that will probaly never happen.

  • This remix by itself doesn’t work for me, but mixing it with the original version as Steve did at his set at Size In The Park sounded great, especially in a set.

  • eric prydz is the only one i can think of who would do don’t you worry child better. this just sounds weird and cheap.

  • LTWB (dimitri vegas like mike remix) still my favorite:)

  • I was expecting DYWC just to have maybe an Eric Prydz remix, why all these other random remixes I don’t know, just days after steve Angello and Ingrosso tweeted that they didn’t like a million remixes on a song.

  • I just want one remix of tommy trash just like he did on antidote …

    so much RAGE in that sound

  • I’m also hoping for a Henrik B remix since he posted something about it if I remember it right.

  • Knife Party Remix like they did on Save the world would be epic

  • Prydz already said he won’t be remixing it


  • @Michael: Sidney Samson, what are you smoking son? :P

  • Peter Landison: Hahaha I dont know. I just love the idea of this emotional track getting remixed by Dirty Dutch king Sidney. It wouldn’t have been loved by many, but by me for sure! :)

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