For all the French producers that have blessed club music throughout its scattered history, Tristan Garner veers somewhat far from the ranks of musical idol, but looks lets to pursue that avenue with his high-energy stylings with relentless stead. Returning to his own Xtra Life label after the release of ‘Punx‘, Garner ups the ante for a refreshing five-track EP entitled ”Digital Rocker.”

From the Justice-like opening track, aptly titled ‘Intro’, to the rocky sounds of ‘Rage Again’ and ‘Sloan’, right through to the swift drum & bass stylings of title track ‘Digital Rocker’, the EP is one of futuristic properties throughout. And with ‘Meteor’ emphasizing his affinity for forward-thinking Progressive, Garner’s precise beat play and matured approach marks yet another quality offering to the Paris producers’ bow.

Out October 15th.

00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Meteor
00:44 – Sloan
01:14 – Rage Again
01:43 – Digital Rocker

17 Comments to “Preview: Tristan Garner – Digital Rocker EP [Xtra Life]”

  • What happened to Future Is Now?

  • To be completely honest I did not like any of these records. Tristan Garner is still a great producer, this EP is just not for me. If I had to choose one, it would have been Sloan. :)

  • Anyhow, an interesting EP. Meteor & Sloan for me!

  • these are some insanely fresh tracks!!

  • So good!!

  • Awesome EP !


  • Brilliant!

  • rage !! he got the best cover :) Awesome that hes doing his own thing, i can only imagine the energy at his sets!

  • Sloan is insane…. will destroy dancefloors!

  • FRENCH RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME :O

  • Bang

    I Will play : Meteor , Sloan , Rage Again And Listen on my ipod Digital Rocker !

  • holy shit, really nice, sloan and rage again are really bangning

  • Sloan sounds amazing!

  • Digital Rocker is crazy……

  • So Future Is Now become Sloan ? Well, this is some great tracks as always ! ;)

  • Digital Rocker gives me the feeling of a video game, well done Tristan!

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