With his fingers well fixed on the pulse of European talent in line with his steadily expanding Revealed Recordings imprint, Dutch floor-filler Hardwell brings aboard homeland duo Firebeatz to make their debut on the label with Tomorrowland-premiered, new single ‘Here We F*cking Go’.

Following up on Beatport #2 ‘Dear New York‘ alongside Schella, the duo continue their onslaught of festival-proof Dance music with a mix of dotted, screeching synth work and churning low-end. Breathing some promising energy into the popular sub-genre with little hints of contention, ‘Here We F*cking Go’ emerges as a solid character reference to this fast-rising mark on the European Electro scene.

Out October 22nd.

12 Comments to “Preview: Firebeatz – Here We F*cking Go [Revealed]”

  • nothing but shit on revealed lately…

  • This sounds like something i’ve heard before.. but I cant put my finger on it.

  • I agree with Dante, what happend to quality music.

  • I love Hardwell’s music, but there’s something about him that makes me want to punch him in the face

  • Michael: dada life – kick out the epic motherfucker

  • WTF is up with these hating comments?? Massive track, although i’s quite simple, this was one of the best moments at Tomorrowland for me!

  • Ryan: This is not Hardwells music. It’s Firebeatzs music!

    Bas: No sir! This is nothing like KOTEM.

  • Agree with AngeloD, MASSIVE track !!

  • WOW…you haters don’t know SHIT !
    Progressive house like Avicii and those kind of music….they sound the exact same

    AND nothing like DADA life – KIck out the motha fucker….

    Firebeatz is coming out with some original shits….and every song he comes up with….different…unlike nicky romero…he comes up with same shit, nothing different…..i love him, but i personally need something different from him.

    anywho…haters…..F off !

  • Wow i really like these guys but this track is not that great plus i have a track of myself thats not finished yet with the same name and sound tbh allot better then this lol

  • Don’t like the drop tbh, the build is fine

  • Sounds like cheap version of Raise Your Hands released by Axtone

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