When three of Russia’s most exciting modern House assets to date combine forces, the outcome was never going to be mediocre. First played by Matisse & Sadko at Sensation Russia 2012 and given an exclusive spin on last night’s Hardwell On Air radio show, ‘Chemistry (Turn The Flame Higher)’ sees Swanky Tunes joined by Hard Rock Sofa and Matisse & Sadko for the upcoming second release on Showland Records.

Flowing seamlessly between rock-influenced builds and bright, swift synth lines, the neoteric track incorporates the current trend of strong rock influences and festival-esque synths in an impressive manner. Grinding in and out of an array of dotted lead work, ‘Chemistry (Turn The Flame Higher)’ redeems their unorthodox manoeuvres with a strong return to the tough faced productions that made them three of the industry’s more potent production outfits.

Out November 5th on Showland Records.

13 Comments to “Preview: Hard Rock Sofa, Matisse & Sadko, Swanky Tunes – Chemistry”

  • What is that, 8 people in the same studio?

    Kinda sad it still sounds like a generic HRS release…

  • The lead is f*cking awesome!

  • reminds me of The Prodigy back in the days

  • Russian House Mafia

  • Hard Rock Sofa doesn’t have three members anymore, so it’s 7 people in studio. :)

  • This is awesome on so many levels :D :D


  • Feels new and fresh!

  • awesome

  • @matt
    if you think this sounds generic i would love to hear what you think original sounds like

  • Aaaah, Russia never dissappoint! Awesome awesome awesome!

  • holy shit, 2:51 is too awesome

  • You can hear all three producer groups in this track. Great mix of styles.

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