More than one year in the waiting, Dutch Electro pundit R3hab joins Shermanology to make a sizeable dent of chainsaw madness, jumping aboard the trio’s ‘Living 4 The City’ single ahead of it’s long-awaited October 29th release off of Afrojack’s Wall Recordings label.

Maintaining the earlier version’s bouncy vibe, Fadil El Ghoul’s chainsaw dialect plays out coherently alongside Dorothy Sherman’s sinewy voice and adds a harder-cut undertone of extensive lead play and staggered riffage to the 2011 original. Flipping from soothing build-ups to cataclysmic drops, the finished product of ‘Living 4 The City’ looks set to become a landmark release for artists and label alike as something of a 2012 follow-up to last year’s ‘Sending My Love’.

Out October 29th on Wall Recordings.

17 Comments to “Preview: Shermanology & R3hab – Living For The City [Wall]”

  • Boring

  • Yeah , Like it !

  • amazing!!

  • Doesnt sound like the ”Getthoooo AZzzzz preview” that I heard over a year ago… :(

  • Classic case of ‘Textbook house 2012′, short melodic breakdown with female vocals, 10 sec snare driven build up, pitched. Then the ”hard hitting chainsaw” drop.

    Nothing interesting here.

  • Nice Track! Can’t Wait for the Release!

  • Prefer the old version, but this one is great as well!

  • Bad…:(… First version was 2 much better

  • Yeah the old one was much better :-\

  • i have to agree with Danny, the preview that they did in their car ~1year ago left me speechless and didn’t sounded nothing like the final cut. The ”chainsaw sound” kinda of ruines it imo.

  • yeah, the old one much much much better… :-/

  • I agree with Marcus, I’ve heard this so many times before. All these tracks sound the same, it’s sad.

  • The fuck…. another synth break with pop vocals building up to…. yes, the electro synth drop we head 40 times before. Talking about boring.

  • chainsaw haha so bad

  • LOVE IT!

  • Old is way better

  • This track is pretty good, it defines what rehab is all about , and i have respect for him because of this track! Going Crazy when listening to it


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