In the wake of the official preview of ‘Boing Clash Boom’, episode 44 of Steve Aoki’s ‘Aoki’s House’ radio show saw the premiere of the second unreleased single from Dada Life’s upcoming album, ‘The Rules of Dada‘.

Rather than deviating from their coarse yet sugary comfort zone, the Swedish duo bring us ‘So Young So High’ in an attempt to perfect the theme that has sent them to such tangible industry heights. Flexing their chart-savvy top lines to daring yet inoffensive dimensions, ‘So Young So High’ marks a considerably safe yet triumphant production for the wackiest duo to bless Swedish Dance music and the global festival circuit alike.

Out October 15th.

Update (8/10): Official preview now available.

20 Comments to “Preview: Dada Life – So Young So High [So Much Dada]”

  • The vocals are just annoying :S

  • Agree with Fredik, the name of the song should be ”So Annoying”

  • The YouTube comment explained everything. ”The vocals ruined it for me. Reminds me of Hits For Kids 2002 on crack.” :/

  • nice track!!

  • what the f ….

    dada life you totally f…. it up ..

    that song is just shit! sorry

  • without the vocals this song would be awesome

  • i honestly like this alot and the vocal it will grow on you

  • Hade det varit male vocals så hade den varit hur jävla grym som helst, blir coolare pitch bends på male vocals.

  • i dont seem to like this a single bit..hope they do make a version without those Vocals

  • nice track )

  • Smurfhits

  • Change the vocals!


  • The point of this track is to be unique. It is about creativity. All the tracks that have been previewed from their upcoming album has been so different and so unique from the mainstream crap that most producers are starting to take on.

    Dada Life is giving EDM some new sounds and a new focus in a different direction.

  • The vocal grew on me incredibly before I’d even made it to the end of the drop. Bring on the Dada!

  • hahaahhaha passar perfekt till deras USA tour

  • fuck nuclear bombs, imagine this at a festival!

  • most fucked up song ever. It’s a big fucking joke. THIS SONG SUCKS BALLSACK! WITH OR WITHOUT VOCALS!!!!!!

  • What makes this song unique are these vocals, first time I tought it was weird, like child stuff, but a little after I understood it, and I can tell it will be f*ckin huge! the vibe it has is awsome!

  • this song is so fat and greasy, if you dont like the vocals then dont listen to it and if you think they ruin the song then go eat a fat bag of D**K, this track is a f***ing banger, go listen to the beebs if youre not into good music

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