As forward-thinking music verge slowly back into the scope of post-summer clubbing, it’s German suitor Alex Ridha embraces his Boys Noize moniker for 2012’s quite possibly most diverse full-length in his third studio album, ‘Out Of The Black’.

From Justice-like opening track ‘What You Want’ right through to the impeccable Techno of ‘Merlin’ and half-step rhythm of ‘Circus Full Of Clowns’ alongside Gizzle, the 12 track album is an eccentric journey into unconventional club music in its own right. Showcasing a forward-thinking collection of French House, dub step, Techno and hip hop, there is no denying the well-needed breath of fresh air ‘Out Of The Black’ is to modern Dance music. A thoroughly futuristic record, the undisputed German master of weird and inspiring club delicacies looks sure to inject a little fresh energy into a year otherwise dominated by predictable peak time action.

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  • Amazing!

  • techno on BMD? I don’t even…. :D

  • I love his style, very very unique and different!

  • Haha the track with Snoop is brilliant!

  • Boys Noize <3

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