With the original still sitting comfortably at #4 in the overall Beatport chart, Nicky Romero and Calvin Harris’ ‘Iron‘ returns for round two with a slew of remixes from two of Europe’s most sought-after talents of late.

Already associated with a premium blend of tectonic Electro House, Amsterdam’s Dyro is first to bat for the remix package, following up his synth-tinged remix of ‘Night Like This‘ and extending the belief that Jordy Von Egmond is out to shake things up for the remainder of 2012. But where Dyro swaps the original’s wobble-induced instrumental work for a burly take on his grinding signature sound, France’s Tony Romera tops the package with a heavy-footed remix B-Side of churning, minimalistic builds and standalone lead play.

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9 Comments to “Release: Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Dyro + Tony Romera Remixes)”

  • Lite innovation i tony romera remixen iaf

  • Båda är bättre än originalet imo, bra remixer!

  • This revibe player never Fin works for me…

  • Oakich: What happens?

  • Dyro remix is the sickesttttt

  • Jeff, indeed!

  • the part in Dyros remix @ 2:38 is fucking magic

  • @Anton well, nothing – I click on play and nothing happens. Works now though, so its like 50%-50% for me

  • Oakich: Have you got the latest version of Flash?

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