First premiered at Hollywood’s The Music Box in April of last year, the title of the Avicii track previously known as the “Music Box ID” has now been confirmed as ‘EDOM’, courtesy of the freshly unveiled latest upload onto Avicii’s official SoundCloud.

Used as something of a soothing interlude in his sets over the past year, ‘EDOM’ emerges as a digression from Tim Bergling’s signature synth-laden productions. Made up of lengthy pads and beautifully ornamented string work, ‘EDOM’ sees Tim Bergling set out to prove that amid the hype there are still some quite refreshing avenues of the genre to poke at.

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  • Disappointed. The break would be awesome if he created it himself but it’s straight out of Michael Woods – Dropzone (Club Mix)

    The drop seems odd too, the snare doesn’t quite fit and it’s a strange track overall. :/
    Maybe I’m overanalyzing since he’s Avicii but I really don’t feel it.

  • superheromovie theme song

  • avisis bidrag till melodifestivalen 2013!

  • Avicii goes full “NeverEnding Story.”

  • Been waiting so long for this track im supper happy right now !!

  • I really don’t know why, but the past few Avicii releases have been, to be honest, sub par, at least by his former high standards.

  • Actually, the beginning fanfare is almost a direct quote of “Atreyu’s Quest”

  • different than usually, nice

  • Sounds like a song that would work well in a movie not in a club

  • Jävligt nice!

  • The first comment from “D” is just so right! I’m really disappointed!

  • btw, this is the rumored “drop zone” avicii remix right?

  • I like it, different from Levels and all that.

  • haha vafan?!

  • YES! Thought he had given it to Otto Knows (Burns Lies remix is really similiar in the beginning)

  • Faith in Avicii restored.

  • Zetheiser: Yep. It never was a remix though. It was officially referred to as the “Music Box ID” before.

  • Idk why i hear some of “flashbang” by calvin harris

    ???????????? maybe im too drunk

  • Great track, but yeah very similiar in chord progression to Michael Woods – Dropzone

  • This Song is sooo old!! First hear it 2010 played by Avicii. I dont understand his Musicmanagement..alwasy the Same with his Releases… i think his Track, actually called Summerburst ID, will be released 2014……its all only about the Money…

  • Sounds like the Chords from Michael Woods – drop zone

  • Y’all niggas need education..

    Like the song, but the build up was too epic for the drop.

  • love the build up, dislike the drop :(

  • Avicii has seen Days of Thunder ? :)

  • Wow, his music/release management sucks! After, what, two years? Imagine when, for example that Summerburst violin ID with the “I Need a Miracle” acapella (witch btw is AWESOME as hell), is going to be released! Dibs on 2014 :P .

  • EDOM backwards means MODE ! hahaha

  • I love it, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @diego josé

    Diego José backwards means ésoj ogeid. What’s funny about that? Nothing.

    Anyway, in my opinion Avicii is at least trying to be original. It’s a good start.

  • This is just a combination of Toto’s Child’s Anthem and a bit of the Sensation 2003 anthem that was produced by Rank1, but based on a music piece of Mozart. And indeed, really sounds like Dropzone. Quite disappointing…

  • Been waiting for this one! Not a track for the clubs but definetely a banger at festivals.

    How come everybody complains over the time between Avicii’s releases? Thought everybody know why. You really must hate Prydz if you get tired after just 1½ year. I think the waiting is a part of the whole thing. Don’t want one more “Rehab-guy” releasing stuff every week…

  • First play was at EDC Las Vegas 2011

  • Tommy: Nope. It was at The Music Box in April:

  • haha days of thunder:)
    true tho

  • Michael Woods – “Drop Zone Remake ? HE Stole It !

  • @E-N Please do NOT, under any circumstances, compare Prydz with Avicii.

  • @E-N: Please really dont compare Prydz with Avicii!!!!!!!!!!! The Avicii Tracks which everyone are waiting for are finished for a long Time. I think the releases are only soo late to make much more Money! The Prydz Tracks take so long Time to produce…(but i must say his last Album was not so good as exspected)

  • The strings in the uplift sounds exactly like Lies (Otto Knows remix) New orchestra plugin?

  • @ JB @ Philipp: Ye ye ye I hear you and of course I agree, I’m not that lost… just sayin’

  • This is crap really. Straight out copy of drop zone which might have been okay if he made something special with the drop, instead just meeeh

  • Has michael woods made a statement about this track anywhere? Would be interesting to see what he has to say.

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