Stepping away from the drum-laden approach that has pervaded his latest originals, Hardwell protégé Daan Romers embraces his Dannic moniker to officially unveil his follow-up to ‘Fuego‘, returning to Revealed Recordings with Protocol Radio-premiered ‘Flare’.

Dealing a blast of hard-hitting yet well-structured Electro House that touches on the rich Progressive vibes that his country has become synonymous with, Dannic’s digitally scored canvas of churning leads and mechanical beat work makes for a potent contender for this year’s ADE. Despite lacking a slight sense of originality, Romers proves himself worthy of the avenues that continue to open to the young Breda producer and his rapidly developing sound.

Release date is set for October 29th on Revealed Recordings.

16 Comments to “Preview: Dannic – Flare [Revealed]”

  • not that intresting ?

    revealed keeps doing the same sound everytime ?

    or am i the only one

  • Not bad but, Revealed have to change a bit their releases they sounds almost same = boring

  • on the contrary, it;s not the same.. it’s the first electro on Revealed :p its not bad at all

  • iam agree with you new kid, almost everything sounds the same!

  • Sounds very promising!

  • Whatsup Revealed? Nothing special….

  • I think it’s a total bomb! It’s totally different from what Dannic released ealier. I mean, check out Tombo or Fuego. Really different in my opinion! I like this track!

  • i loved revealed & hardwell in the beginnig when the tracks there different. They had a kinda fascinating style and made me want to move!
    just compare hardwell tracks like smoke, voyage, molotov or move it 2 the drum with spaceman or cobra or how these pieces of shit are called. Do you know what i wanna say?
    early revealed tracks where better to:
    Just take Passion by sebastin lintz & jake shanhan or Kura’s Ammonia or Dannic’s beginning as DJ Funkadelic…
    It’s getting worse and worse with every release :’(

  • Energetic? Absolutly ! Crowds will go crazy hearing this in sets, but indeed IMHO these records starts to look a little bit too much the same . I wonder how much records can be drawn from this mold until the excitement wears of….

  • Like it!

  • i like dannic, he has a nice sound, but yeah, it’s nothing new…

  • I bet all these guys hating above are producers themselves and would piss their pants if revealed contacted them.

  • hahaha it sounds like this song:

  • hahah i bet they were watching this video while making the track

  • I want big booty bitches

  • god damn this will split the club/festival apart!

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