On the heels of his take on Atlas Genius’ ‘Trojans‘, the latest release from Finland’s 17-year-old Lenno sees him joined by Helsinki producer Jesse Oliver for his first formal collaboration, taking on remix duties for homeland band Disco Ensemble.

Drawing on a vintage canvas of solid House grooves and rigorously tuned melodic leads, Lenno and Jesse Oliver’s feel-good stylings make for a crisp yet refreshing take on the original’s club worthy appeal. Despite not quite hitting in on the same timeless properties as the aforementioned remix, their clean cut take of bubbly lead play is not to be casually dismissed.

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3 Comments to “Release: Disco Ensemble – Second Soul (Lenno & Jesse Oliver Remix)”

  • mysig låt, thx

  • Oh man this is real nice. One of my Favourite bands of past times now in a gorgeous remix of Lenno! Thanks for letting me know BMD! :)

  • jävlar vad bra

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