Having played somewhat off the radar since the release of his three-way collaborative outing ‘Trilogy’ alongside Laidback Luke and Norman Doray, it’s only right that Parisian big room master Arno Cost breaks the silence with the creative stamina and quality-over-quantity approach that have championed his name over the past several years. First premiered at Denver’s Beta Nightclub earlier this month, Cost’s return to the limelight sees him unveil his follow-up to last year’s debut on Refune, ‘Lise’, called ‘Lifetime’.

Laced with rocky vocals and coarse leads, the gritty chugging energy of ‘Lifetime’ makes for as unpretentious of a return as any Electro head could ask for, comfortably setting the tone ahead of a forthcoming original track with David Guetta in the process.

Update (7/11): ‘Lifetime’ will be released November 28th on Spinnin Records. The official preview is now available.

28 Comments to “Preview: Arno Cost – Lifetime”

  • sounds awesome!

  • It’s just Arno Cost, Norman Doray – Apocalypse , MIDI files refreshed by a couple of Native Instruments – Massive wobble synths.

    Still disappointed by Arno Cost, he was one of the biggest french hopes…

  • long time no see.. My MAN is back! Arno Cost for the President!

  • hey profesor shit why dont you post some of your own tracks as you always act like an expert of music production?

  • xhek: lol, you dont have to be better than the people you criticize you dumbass

  • Magenta Souvenir Apocalypse Darling Harbour Golden Walls Cyan The Days To Come Lise Trilogy , Lifetime and his Remixes ! All are Amazing! One of my favorites producers! Genius! :)

  • I am not criticizing.He comments in every video he just has put a compressor,lame ass eq,bla bla and bla bla.As he think this productions are so easy why dont he shows us what he is capable of?

  • @xhek just stfu… he’s giving his own opinion. you should respect that as he respected yours. yet like yo said you don’t need to be better than anyone to tell what you think about it.

  • So we waited for so long for this??

  • release in November guys !

  • Hedz looks like your brain misses something.Again…
    I am not fucking saying in order to criticize he needs to prove he is better than Arno.I want to see his skills considering he acts like a pro in every video.That is all!

  • @ Xhek : I used to produce electronic music tracks, but as a matter of fact ( and due to people like you.. yes yes ) I couldn’t succeed without a honorable amount of selfishness and cock-sucking. That’s how they roll now in ” EDM ” .

    French dj’s became experts on this, just compare them to the main majority of international well-knowned Djs, they look like pretty dumb, and that’s just a shame.

    So, back to your question, I’m producing anymore but working on audio-engineering now. Your turn to guess for who am I working now ;)

  • @Hhek : The funny part is that as you don’t know how I am, you’ve probably already heard my music, or maybe have it on your itunes library ( courtesy of Zippyshare Records I guess too … )

  • Oh Professor SHIT you are so funny.I am and have always been a true supporter of music.Being a producer and pianist for more than 10 years I have supported each release form any of my favourite artists.Sounds pretty lame and fake that an respected and well known audio engineer or at least an annonymous that pretends to be so spends his time in Blogs replying to ” people like me.” Go back to your rea job,..Lying at people!

  • @Xhek : Wow .. your last comment is just an amount of ego and self-suffering, are you sure that you aren’t suffering from mental illness ? Anyway, it does not worth to try to explain you my points of vue now, because you are literally too stupid for that, even for being insulted.

    And don’t forget, Have a nice day !

  • *Removed comment*

  • I really wish he made more stuff like this. Such an awesome song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R-vXvzkpYk

  • grow up..

  • An engineer and grown up person who makes childish comments.Looks like the one who has issues is you my dear friend.Oh and do not forget to master Axwells album and…Have a nice day!

  • The Professor Shit + xhek: Please keep the comments relevant to the actual content. Thanks.

  • Sorry Anton and everybody.My bad but anyways…Track is good but Arno should definetely release more material.Looking forward to his collaboration with Guetta though.

  • I liked everything in this track except for the drop. It has that massive energy, bigroom aura in all the segments up until drop where it’s just too much. I just miss the older, more pure, progressive style (like in ”The Moment”, ”Duel”, ”Raise Your Hands” ”Bullet”..etc). Progressive house is becoming more and more undanceable if that makes any sense. ‘Lise’ was such a gem was so epic and valiant when dropped live. There needs to be a new direction. Nowadays It’s either annoying electro house Knife Party-esque crap or all about the poppy feel-good wave/watered-down melodic mush with recycled sounds. Tom Staar could be the next big thing..

  • way to go arno !!

  • welll this is a banger!!! huge

  • French Rules !!! Come on Arno !!!

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