As given an exclusive spin by Fedde Le Grand at last night’s Sensation ‘Wicked Wonderland‘ in Istanbul, Turkey, German duo Jewelz and Scott Sparks return to Flamingo Recordings to unveil the follow-up to ‘Toxic Rush‘, entitled ‘Flashbang’.

Built with the bigger festival speakers close to mind, the distant low-end riffage and churning rhythmic builds make for one of the most pervasive yet minimalistic peak timers of the season. Leaping from subtle swells to surges of high-end rolls and hard-hitting kicks, the Fedde Le Grand approved up-and-comers continue to prove that less can still be all that more powerful on the 21st century dance floor with this triumphant festival cut.

Update (10/11): Out December 10th on Flamingo Recordings.

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9 Comments to “Preview: Jewelz & Scott Sparks – Flashbang [Flamingo]”

  • :/

  • YESSSS!!!!<33

  • Oof! Love this.

  • this was what toxic rush should have sounded like

  • drop sounds like Atom, which was boring.

  • ATOM – Nari e milani!!!

  • This is just INSANE!! Luv it!!!

  • they quite have learned a lot of the succes of nari & milani, less acidity over here, but just as toxic rush (banger as well) they know how to make brilliant club bangers. however, same goes for toxic rush, every track should have some kind of melody in it, this is all straight.. too much based on how to make the drop the biggest ever made.. if you guys know what i mean. however, love the drop, they managed it for the 2nd time to get my eye on them.

  • Is not just the drop, the upfilter is the same, but it has been edited.
    Atom is not boring, maybe if you listen it at home. if you hear atom live is really massive.
    anyway this one is very well produced. Good sound

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