Given the ease to which Scooter found means to desecrate Otto Knows’ ‘Million Voices‘, its remix duties were always going to be met with a hint of scrutiny. But facing this outright hit single for 2012 like a man possessed, 24-year-old Swede Jonas Torn steps up to the mark for the one-and-only formal remix of following his take on Lilla Sällskapet’s ‘Jag Vill Ut‘.

Armed with the same, distorted Electro stylings as his heavily supported single ‘Boss‘, Torn takes the Otto Knows original through the motions of subtle builds and grinding drops. Utilising the acclaimed vocal work of the original with discordant lead play and mechanic cadence, ‘Million Voices’ is given an extended shelf life courtesy of this fresh coat of paint from a man well on his way to a global breakthrough.

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(Worldwide release due this week)

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