For all the French producers that have blessed club music throughout its scattered history, Tristan Garner veers somewhat far from the ranks of musical idol, but looks lets to pursue that avenue with his high-energy stylings with convincing stamina. Returning to his own Xtra Life label after the release of ‘Punx‘, Garner ups the ante for a refreshing five-track EP entitled ”Digital Rocker.”

From Justice-like opening track ‘Intro’ to the rocky sounds of ‘Rage Again’ and ‘Sloan’, right through to the swift drum & bass stylings of title track ‘Digital Rocker’, the EP is one of futuristic properties throughout. And with ‘Meteor’ emphasizing his affinity for inventive Progressive, Garner’s precise beat play and matured approach marks yet another quality offering to the Paris producers’ bow.

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00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Meteor
00:44 – Sloan
01:14 – Rage Again
01:43 – Digital Rocker

9 Comments to “Release: Tristan Garner – Digital Rocker EP [Xtra Life]”

  • Not sure how this hasn’t gotten any comments yet. Easily one of the best EPs released as of late. I guess all the attention is going to Dada’s album, but this EP trumps it in my opinion. Meteor and Digital Rocker are two unbelievably well crafted songs. Tristan Garner is beyond a doubt one of the most underrated producers out there.

  • Totally agree, feel like Garner for some reason is off the radar. This EP deserves more attention!

  • 18 like? Omg definitly people don’t understand anything… Absolutely agree with the 2 guys before me. An amazing EP, especially meteor & sloa for me, Butcher !!! Love it, more attention on this

  • He should’ve chosen another releasedate for this. Too many releases screaming for attention today! But still, this is a sick EP! Quality throughout every tune. Just massive!

  • Tooo good, as the comments say he is very underrated and shame he picked today…. all awesome tracks!!!! :)

  • Been loving his releases lately (Punx was a really solid track), and this EP is quality all the way.

  • it’s sad that Dada Life’s album will get much more attention than this masterpiece!

  • I just love this guy

  • saw him live last month, he’s so amazing!
    one of the best producers AND dj’s out there

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