In the wake of taking Dan Hartman’s 1979 single ‘Relight My Fire’ through the motions of strong filtered beats and deep bass for ‘Dream Of You‘, Buffalo duo Solidisco continues the trend of turning classics into House gems with a 21st century twist as they take on George Benson’s ‘Turn Your Love Around’ for ‘Turn Around’.

With unpretentious stamina and their funky persona at hand, ‘Turn Around’ sees Solidisco headline the first release of 17:44’s newly launched nu-disco sublabel French Toast. Rather than dispersing the ‘82 original’s untimely vibes with wobbles and dodgy sampling, their take on ‘Turn Your Love Around’ is straight-up House music at its finest, embracing its natural energy with the utmost respect.

Out October 29th.

7 Comments to “Preview: Solidisco – Turn Around”

  • Such a huge track. Solidisco is on fire!

  • Never even heard of them a few weeks ago, and now I’m loving them. This song is HUGE, and also they released a sick Daft Punk remix free on their soundcloud:

    Keep it up guys


  • Really awesome!

  • Like it!
    In my mind/memory not realy too different from its original or remixes from back in the days. Ok,repolished & more pbm’s, but it stays true to its initial vibe IMO
    Judging from the comments its a good time to recycle it now. :D
    bring it on !

  • 80’s yeah!

  • I am the co-host of a radio show called Beat Crazy on 92 WICB in Ithaca, NY. We just interviewed these guys. The interview is going to air tonight at 10:30 but we will post it on soundcloud in a little while, just in case you are interested. We also just interviewed Cazzette and we have interviews scheduled with Afrojack and Tritonal.

    Our soundcloud is here:

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