Since utilizing the sample work of Moby for their breakthrough single ‘All By Myself’ for Spinnin Records, brotherly Dutch duo DubVision have been in high esteem throughout 2012. In their debut mark for Axtone, the hotly tipped production outfit take on the uplifting vocal work of Discopolis for their remodel of ‘Committed To Sparkle Motion’.

Using their own signature drops and powerful, uplifting synth progressions, the duo turn the Edinburgh indie trio’s emotive persona towards the realms of peak time club fuel with a result that ticks the boxes of both consistent quality and energy. Having been dubbed as two of Axwell’s favorite producers of late in a recent video interview, this blistering label debut suggests a strong alignment between the labels trendsetting ethos and DubVision’s equally promising prospects on the global Dance spectrum.

More remixes will follow.

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Words by Dan Carter

42 Comments to “Release: Discopolis – Committed To Sparkle Motion (DubVision Remix)”

  • Released? Today? #happyface

  • Shit, its massive!

  • Incredible track! So emotional!

  • Similiar with their other releases, but the vocals… Mother of vocals!

  • Insane track

  • These guys are great, they only have 600 likes on facebook… so underrated

  • Lol songs like this one are the reason why i’m not into EDM anymore. I just hope the next trend in 3-5 years will be better than this one, cause 98% songs of the actual trend are sh*t IMO

  • Huge!

  • Assåjagtrorjagdog

  • Why did Axwell decide to release this without promoting much>

  • that was a surprise… The original vocals are incredible.

  • Amazing! And very quick release considering it’s Axtone! Now there’s hope for Tokyo By Night and Make Your Mind Up before the end of the year.

    Anton, “More remixes will follow” – on Axtone?

  • @don at beatport it says:”The original and further remixes are to follow on the full release to be scheduled at a later date.”

  • Its pretty much the same as “You & I” – The vocal reminds me of Andreas Moe.. Great tune tho :) Axtone is by far my fav label

  • Just too much of All by myself in there :-/

  • What a nice surprise :)

  • Seriously haven’t this “alesso” trend style been over yet, this is little annoying already not that good.

    Where is the originality and creativity? House was so good 2-3 years ago. Kidsos and all that stuff.

  • Laktos is from 2008 ;)

  • Carl: Yes.

  • My guess is that the house music trend is going to die within 3-4 years from now. This is barely house and more like pop/club music. This genre needs a rebirth and for the sake of the music I hope it’s going underground for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE house music (Been into it since 2005) but nowadays it’s ALL about LABELS, HYPE and “hard DROPS”. House music doesnt need to be all that.

    Just my opinion.

  • @tork not even alesso is doing this style anymore! he moved on and doing some amazing shit now even more!

  • @tijs like what?

  • #schlager

  • Label of the Year

  • När kommer fittclash!?

  • @tijs show me a recent alesso tune “different” than this lol

  • Haha, skulle vara kul att se en “The typical “Beat My Day-er” på facebook.

  • fettt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haha “The Typical “Beat My Day-er”

  • Far, far too similar to All By Myself. How is no one else really perturbed by this?

  • Either way people, still a good tune.

  • ZZzzzZZzZzzZzzzzzz…

  • I don’t give a shit if it’s “alesso style” or similar to other tracks, it’s still a good tune, if you don’t like it don’t fuckn listen to it.

  • Marcus said everything, 100% agree

  • All By Myself was a great tune, but this one is to similar to it…

  • Boring remix, nothing special, like every other track of it’s kind. Does anybody know who the other remixers will be, and if there will be an original?

  • Sorry, just read thet an original will follow.

  • i love how all these commenters think they are some kind of music critic. hah! Typical ppl on here think just because they listen to all this edm music, that they are supposedly experts in what is good music. GTFO of here.

  • “chuck” so you can’t have your own opinion about the song? Nice logic.

  • @manu @tork clash is very different from alessos recent work but still got the “alesso” energy in it!

  • @Marcus PREACH!!! This sounds just like”all by myself”. Seriously, all you guys who like this because of it’s melody ans style, I don’t condemn your opinion at all, but when will you realise that this song is not unique? that’s there’s very little creativity. Keep an open mind and realise that this song is GENERIC.

  • @chuck you’re such an expert that you call it edm.
    Makes me wanna cut your balls to be honest.

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