After a year of well-received releases, exciting bootlegs and a tour-schedule that would cripple even the strongest seasoned DJ, it is safe to say that the punch behind Robbert van de Corput’s premature legacy is no short-lived fad. But still seeing tremendous support on his last solo single, ‘Spaceman‘, Hardwell makes his return to unveil it’s very follow-up.

Premiered at his Revealed event at club Escape in Amsterdam last night, ‘Apollo’ sees Hardwell joined by Sydney songstress Amba Shepherd for a concoction of his signature uplifting synth leads and ethereal vocals. Still packing a strong punch within its grinding low-end beats, ‘Apollo’ proves itself something of a solid mark of musical maturity from Hardwell.

Out November 26th on Revealed Recordings.

28 Comments to “Live Preview: Hardwell ft. Amba Shepherd – Apollo”

  • this one I like :)
    better than spaceman, its more original to hardwell-style

  • hated spaceman, and this one is not really good either


  • Hardwell just never fucking disappoints!

  • his best track so far. hardwell keeps getting better and better!

  • I hear some Porter Robinson influence..

  • no thanks

  • Ive definitely heard this before, but where?

  • And the Hardwell & Laidback Luke Track ?

  • Now that i think back he played it at Labour of Love in September

  • He played this song in Zurich on the 5th of October and i was looking for it sooo long! FINALL

  • @Dylan
    If I remember, Hardwell and Porter Robinson have make a track together, it’s maybe this track!

  • Banger

  • Why oh why does everybody have to do that horrible thing with their hands….

  • yawn.

  • Hardwell is such a untalented peace of shit. This is so crapy like all his other trash.

  • Hardwell untalented? I suppose you’re a better DJ than him Joe, do me a fucking favour…

  • he isn’t untalented but he seems to be more capable then this. THIS SOUNDS LIKE POP MUSIC really… why he just dont go make a track with guetta and nicki minaj

  • Unlike some others I think spaceman was AWESOME, the drop was brilliant. Not really impressed with this though.

  • Track is so-so, but i gotta say his kicks are amazing haha.

  • what the hell is he doing with his hand? this is not a orchestra. please stop hardwell its ridiculous!

  • The breakdown/drum part reminds me a lot of ”Lights” by Third Party and Steve Angello…

  • i think this doesn’t sound like pop music. Pop music sounds like this, which is different.
    Obviously hardwell is talented cause not all the people can create a tune like this.

    The track doesnt killed me but I think its interesting. I wanna check the track in full quality.

  • this track sounds really good to me! Progressive house mixed with electro house and even a small touch of complextro alongside amber voice.. Well, it sounds like a potential beatport number 1 to me and it’ll probably be one of the best track of the year! Can’t wait to ge more infos!

  • whys are some people saying its not a good track? this isnt even the complete track its just a preview of the track, wait till the complete version comes out in hd then i guarantee youll change ur mind

  • Reload?

  • a LOT of porter robinson influence, must be their colab … otherwise this is NOT hardwell

  • atwal565: so you’re saying this isn’t HD? It’s not a radio rip or anything like that, it’s a official preview!

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