Led by the renowned studio dexterity of Christian Hirt, Swiss duo Leventina return for their 26th release on Sirup Music offshoot Unreleased Digital with ‘Glorious’. Sporting an array of synthesised leads and systematic vocal spots, Leventina’s initial launch into ‘Glorious’ is one of anthemic builds, comfortably placing it amid the realms of 2012’s influx of modern Progressive House. Rich in melodic play and their signature peak-time consistency, there is something distinctly untouchable about ‘Glorious’ and the heights attained by their knack for taking the familiar and making it their own.

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9 Comments to “Release: Leventina – Glorious”

  • Still waiting for a Leventina release that can top we’re gonna start. Good track nonetheless.

  • Great!

  • Horrible covers every single time from the helvetic nerds team. Tracks are much better luckily!

  • This is huge!!

  • Christian hirt must be the single hardest working producer in the game.

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