With a track record for chart-worthy cuts, Calvin Harris’ ascent to the status of a connoisseur in the overlap of vintage electro and modern pop music was probably as little of a surprise to him as it was to many others. But having been couped up in the studio for the past year and a half, the Scottish chart-hopper is back to release his aptly titled third studio album, ”18 Months,” following up on 2009’s ”Ready For The Weekend.” With nine tracks already released, the burden fell upon the six unreleased tracks to show his chart-savvy stylings in a fresh light.

Though it is within the more inventive sounds of ‘Mansion’, ‘School’ and ‘Here 2 China’ we see a more exciting, forward-thinking side of Calvin Harris, the vintage stylings of closing track ‘Thinking About You’ with Ayah Marar get the honors of nabbing the title as the album’s best track. With little signs of bending to the ranks of grinding Electro House or peak-time Progressive, the subtle yet skilfully crafted album shines a positive light for Harris’ ability to balance the relationship between pop music and the dance floor with stimulating consistency.

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(Worldwide release is due Monday.)

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