Teaming up alongside familiar vocal asset Ron Carroll, Australia’s Goodwill makes a long overdue return to original releases with ‘You Used Me’. Cleansed in spiritual vibes that echo the heyday of emotionally charged club music, the original’s mixture of Carroll’s pitch-perfect top line, Balearic strings and vintage synths suggests resurgence from the moody vibes currently overriding the industry.

But first to bat for the remix package, Phazing-endorsed Nordean and Those Usual Suspects offer a strong, bouncy take on the Goodwill original, leaving room for Wax Motif to add gruff low-end riffage for a slightly heavier-set remix. Rounding out the release, Adam Trigger and David Hopperman are on hand with a growling, synth-led take for the by far hardest hitting remix of the package.

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4 Comments to “Release: Goodwill & Ron Carroll – You Used Me (Incl. Remixes)”

  • And what about Tony Romera’s remix ? This one is probably the best with David & Adam’s one!

  • Damn, this is some good house music.

  • Awesome track!

  • Too bad tommy trash decided to take away his name. It would’ve gotten way more attention if he would’ve kept his name.

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