2012 has been a year of mixed celebrations and undertones for long serving Swede Steve Angello. But in the aftermath of selling out New York’s Central Park last month, the mafia man unites with rising label protégés Third Party to cast a bright light upon the high times of his soaring Dance imprint with ‘Lights’.

Off the back of their remix of ‘Somebody To Love‘, the Essex two-piece are on hand with their recognizable melodic guise, leaving Angello to bring the heavyset beats and poignant seal of quality that his career thus far has sworn by. Sure to be another knockout for the Size Records corner this year ahead, this energetic union of old school spirit and new school edge is enough to make for another landmark release amid the label’s most definitive year under the spotlight of global Dance music.

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17 Comments to “Release: Steve Angello & Third Party – Lights [Size]”

  • Best track of 2012 for me, no doubt!

  • Love it. Great in so many ways! Now I just wait for a new original Axwell track…

  • Damn good! Anton, have you heard anything about when the next Size release is coming and which one it is?

  • Really good! Love the breakdown with the drums and snaresssA

  • I really really hope that they won’t put vocals on this one.. It’s perfect as it is!

  • Yeah best banger of the year !

  • Great Track, looking forward to Third Party’s upcoming releases!

  • Am i the only one that thinks steve angello is sucha douche for taking credit for so many producers’ work? Did this track REALLLLLLY need to be steve angello and third party?! Doesnt really sound like him.. but then again, he hardly ever releases any tracks w JUST him…

    He did the same thing w an21/max vangeli and he’s doing it again now. He may be the emcee for SHM, but he’s the least talented in producing any kind of tangible work..

  • Javier mate, are you serious? Bad timing to talk smack about Angello. Sure, he’s shown a little bit of “thievery” in the past, but I’d say he’s done more than enough to wash that stamp away. H8rs, Yeah and now Lights all released in less then six months is quite an achievement, especially having SHM, the solo career and Size Records going.

    When it comes to Lights, even though the lead melody might be more Third Party, the beat and breakdowns speak of that Steve had just as big part of the production.

    You can’t really talk down on EDM producers coming together in huge collaborations. Everyone does, and as far as I know the real winners are us, the fans.

  • now waiting for qulinez – dynamic

  • Amaizing track!! Powerfull!! I can’t wait to hear the upcoming Steve Angello’s album :)


  • Just waiting for the Steve Angello & Wayne & Woods track. Hurrrrrry SIZE!

  • So much better than “Yeah” :D

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