Having survived a commercial digression from their signature studio get-up, Stockholm brothers Christopher and Niklas Lunde return in true Lunde Bros fashion with their Fedde Le Grand-approved next release, ‘Can You Feel It’.

Fuelling the track with a concoction of bouncy beat work and minimalistic lead work, ‘Can You Feel It’ is as chunky and rhythmically refined as you would expect from the Swedish duo that is known for their penchant for fine House music with a techy twist. Laced with scattered vocal chants and churning bass manoeuvres throughout, their debut on Marco V’s In Charge label is a solid example of why bouncy House is an avenue well worth pursuing amid the somewhat stateside biased 21st century Electronic music explosion.

Out on November 19.

19 Comments to “Preview: Lunde Bros – Can You Feel It [In Charge]”

  • Finally some fresh music, this is dope

  • bas a little bit over compressed but cool track

  • ah finally :) this is awesome

  • Låter soft, men fillet är ganska lik fillet i here we go och basslinen är lik steve angellos låt open your eyes

  • Lite väl lik deras ”Bad Language” i droppet! Men skön ändå!

  • äeäeh….

  • Wow, really fresh, I like it!

  • Loved Bad Language, love this!

  • Fresh music like it

  • efter droppet känns det lite 2006 ( AXER – 123)

  • förresten.. den hörs xakt som 123

  • Låter ju som Here We Go…

  • Sounds kinda like their release Bad Language, check it out.

  • The vocal is off… And really? Stealing the sample so soon?


  • the sample is from sample pack… they are meant to be used if they are good

  • This is a sample from Jackson 5 – Can You Feel It (Live Version). Its avallible on a sample pack you can download for free..

  • Vilket jävla groove så nice, älskar beatsen i låten riktigt feta och basen är fett nice

  • Liknar lite Kevin Andrews & Jason Chance – Crack House (Original Mix)
    Men jäävlar va denna låt är härlig!!

  • Basen bryter upp iite, annars jävligt fet!

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