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Having traced the story of the label with episode three, Steve Angello’s Size Records returns to unleash episode four of the recently launched Size TV concept, featuring a sneak peek into what’s to come music wise for the label.

Steve Angello shares his thoughts on the balancing of a successful music career and the duty of a father as well as the bond between the members of the Size crew, the Size family gathers in London for some collaborative studio action and Wayne & Woods travel north to perform at Sundsvall’s Air Festival. Also, a mysterious ‘friend’ tells us a bit about what he has learned about ‘Steven Yellow’ from their 25-30 years of knowing each other.

Still hot off the heels of its successful release, highflying Frenchman Norman Doray, sisterly Aussie duo Nervo and Spinnin’ Records unleash the sought-after acapella of ‘Something To Believe In’ as a free download. Acquired courtesy of the vocal talents of aspiring British songstress Janet Ramus, also known as Cookie and for providing the vocals for ‘Lola’s Theme’, the release of this uplifting topline is sure to inspire a consistent slew of remodels for one of the many outright triumphs to emerge from this European landmark in Electronic Dance Music.


With five studio albums under his belt and highly-acclaimed single ‘Sky and Sand’ still doing the rounds, Germany’s Paul Kalkbrenner makes a high-profile return to the forefront for the long-awaited release of his sixth studio album.

Staying true to the sound that has fuelled his rise to fame throughout, ‘Guten Tag’ sees Kalkbrenner collect a 17-track album of raw Techno and movie-like pieces of music alike. In contrast to fellow brother and collaborator Fritz who based his recent second studio album around smooth vocals and sophisticated bass maneuvers, Paul plunges deep into the realms of electronic music for a far more diverse full-length that deals exclusively in instrumental tracks. Despite not being as thoroughly futuristic as one might’ve hoped, ‘Guten Tag’ remains a firm reminder that there is more to dance music than high-pitched synths and grinding Electro House.

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00:00 – Schnurbi
00:45 – Der Stabsvörnern
01:30 – Kernspalte
02:15 – Spitz-Auge
03:00 – Globale Gehung
03:35 – Das Gezabel
04:20 – Vörnern-Anwärter
05:05 – Hinrich Zur See
05:50 – Der Buhold
06:35 – Speiseberndchen
07:20 – Fochleise-Kassette
07:55 – Trümmerung
08:40 – Datenzwerg
09:15 – Schwer Verbindlich
10:00 – Der Ast-Spink
10:45 – Bieres Meuse
11:30 – Das Gezabel De Luxe

For all the futuristic tracks that have blessed electronic dance music throughout 2012, Archie’s ‘The V’ can certainly be put in a league of its own. Digressing from his somewhat cheesy take on modern Progressive House, ‘The V’ sees the 20-year-old Russian take a stab at forward-thinking electro-house á la Houserecordings.

Led by wobble-filled low-end riffage and scattered vocal leads, Archie takes a confident step out of his comfort zone to celebrate his now 30k+ fans on Facebook with a free giveaway that ticks all the boxes of an impressive electro house contender.


Off the back of his inauguration into the ranks of Pryda Friends artist with the release of ‘Locus Solus‘, Liverpool’s Richard Knott ventures the realms of vintage House with the launch of new alias Romeo Kilo.

Away from the instrumental Progressive House that has become his speciality, ‘In Control’ sees Knott takes a turn for the realms of vocal House delicacies. Where the subtle keys and steady beats that make up the body of ‘In Control’ play wonders alongside the female vocal sample, Knott’s orthodox House persuasion marks a promising set back to the heyday of piano-laden House music without bending to the ranks of cheesiness.

No info on the release yet.

Since ditching his Clashback moniker, Rene Pais has made affirmative progression under the guise of Syn Cole. Already boasting tracks for Diffused Music and Armada Music under the guise of his former alias, the Estonian up-and-comer marks a fresh chapter of his impending musical legacy with new original trak ‘April’.

Following up on his remix for Avicii’s ‘Silhouettes‘, Syn Cole’s initial launch into ‘April’ is one of anthemic builds, comfortably placing it amid the realms of 2012’s influx of modern Progressive House. Rich in melodic play and his peak-time consistency, there is something distinct about ‘April’ and the heights attained by Pais’ knack for taking the familiar and making it his own.

Update: Out January 31st.

Within a year that has balanced visionary movements with blatant mediocrity for global Dance music, the Welsh duo known as Vanguard has strongly circled the prior. But back with a new free original track for the final leg of 2012, Tom Morgan and James Thomas channel sturdy grooves and infectious rerunning vocal samples through a continuous yet befitting wave of filter effects for ‘Aurora’. Lacing eclectic synthesiser movements into the solid groove induced core, a little old school attribute is enough to send this track into the ranks of nostalgic set piece for a music style now lost amid Dance music’s more oversubscribed sub-genres.


Fine instalments in the British empire of eclectic House talents may not be a new concept these days, but Russ Chimes’ return to the original production front with ‘Turn Me Out’ marks a bid to freshen up his country’s reign on the international club scene. Having made affirmative progression with latest single ‘Back 2 You‘, Annie Mac was the first to get her hands on its hotly tipped follow-up with a world premiere on last Friday’s show.

Sampling Kathy Brown’s ‘95 hit with the same name and teeming with the same scattered key work and good time vibes as its predecessor, ‘Turn Me Out’ plays out aptly to the forward-thinking take on Dance music we have come to associate with Chimes.

Update (5/3): The release date has been set for April 29th.

Away from all things grinding Electro House, Texas-born Laura Wilson, better known to the world as Gina Star, returns with her fourth original release for 2012, entitled ‘Bananular’.

Showcasing swift lead play, scattered vocal spots and chugging rhythmic builds throughout, Star keeps things simple yet inherently fresh for her most likely final release of the year. Despite not quite hitting in on the same timeless stylings as that of her breakthrough release ‘This Is Hollywood’, ‘Bananular’ marks yet another single she can shout loud and proud about.

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With Norway promptly catching up on its industry-leading neighbours for 2012, the country’s leading Progressive export Carl Louis and Martin Danielle return for round two under their CLMD moniker with ‘Falling Like Angels’. Cut from the same melodic cloth that pervaded their acclaimed ‘Black Eyes and Blue‘ single, the duo’s ability to carve the distinct top line into a sweep of stuttering synths is a sure standout factor for this coming of age peak timer. With stern production values and intense emotive energy in full effect, ‘Falling Like Angels’ is a strong indication that the expanding fate of modern Progressive House looks exceedingly promising in the hands of this rising Norwegian duo and their inventive approach to production.

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Update: The official video has been released.