Already an idol among Swedish House music and global club culture alike, 2012 has been a true year of reckoning for the assorted monikers of Eric Prydz. Off the heels of his ‘Every Day‘ single, the fifth episode of his EPIC Radio podcast officially unveils yet another melodic gem in the form of ‘Clapham’, previously known to fans as the ‘Moscow ID’.

In a subtle nod to the annual venue of London’s South West Four festival, Prydz blends melodic progressions and sharp and fluctuating synth play to create an impressive bridge between the uplifting disposition of his Pryda moniker and the underground hallmarks that dominated his national uprising.

Words by Dan Carter

13 Comments to “Preview: Pryda – Clapham”

  • Too beautiful…

  • Known before as Moscow ID. Great track!

  • ohmygodthisissogoodicantbelieveitistrue !!

  • eric prydz wins

  • So. Fucking. Good.

  • Prydz for president!

  • The breakdown is so beautiful!

  • Class! Prydz always delivers!!!

  • All I gotta say is Nov 24th Roseland ! Prydz is a legend !

  • Am I the only one that thinks that the intro is kind of annoying.. ? However, everything after 1.40 is beautiful.

  • Michael. Yes. You’re the only one.

  • Yeah, I kinda figured..

  • Michael to do honest I thought the exact same thing, but after that, pure awesome Prydz!

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