First premiered in the acclaimed aftermovie of Tomorrowland 2011, the mashup of Eric Prydz’s ‘Mirage’ and Empire Of The Sun’s ‘We Are The People’ has seen a steady rise to global fame. But in the aftermath of poorly crafted remakes and unofficial versions, November 4th 2012 sees a properly made, official version receive its long overdue release as part of the ‘Every Day‘ EP.

Fusing the delicately layered melodies that have characterised Prydz’s recording career to date alongside Empire of The Sun’s nostalgically charged topline, ‘We Are Mirage’ offers a seamless and relevant insight into the Swedish producer’s integral studio genius despite the notable delay in its formal release.

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15 Comments to “Release: Eric Prydz vs. Empire Of The Sun – We Are Mirage”

  • Lol year and a half later…

  • Can’t believe how good this one still is..

  • Sergio: Better late than never. ;) I, for one, have been looking forward to this release. All of the remakes sound terrible in a club..

  • Soo amazing!

  • It should be called ‘Mirage People’ instead of ‘We Are Mirage’

  • lol sergio, you should be happy for actually releasing a bootleg lol

  • Territory restriction :/

  • Insane

  • Is this the Seb Sapet bootleg ?

  • Utterly unreal track…sucks that I can’t buy it in the US :(

  • Well if you can’t buy it, you know the rule, just download the bugger for free. That’s ofcourse i.m.o.

  • MODE

  • Awesome tune, tho I do not understand why they make it so hard to buy music online, I even downloaded fucking itunes do buy this and it was not available Sweden :( Pirating inc.

  • The fuck. Beatport : Territory restriction.
    Itunes : Only in the us store. And everywhere ”illegal downloading is wrong” oooooooh I’m sorry :(

    At least Shut up. Thanks.

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