More than one year in the waiting, the latest episode of Avicii’s ‘Levels’ podcast saw the formal premier of the final version of his unreleased single ‘I Could Be The One’, formerly ‘Nicktim’, alongside Holland’s once best kept secret turned DJ Mag #17 Nicky Romero.

Pledging the Dutch producers robust sound alongside Tim Bergling’s melodic play and incorporating the official, radio-friendly vocals, ‘I Could Be The One’ is a simple yet infectious track of modern, full-throttle Progressive House throughout. In spite of the vocals not quite hitting in on the epic properties one would expect from a vocal mix of this calibre, ‘I Could Be The One’ is certain to make for a wildly successful release for Avicii and Nicky Romero alike.

Update (10/12): Instrumental and vocal versions of ‘I Could Be The One’ will be released December 29th on Beatport along with remixes from Audrio, Didrick and Daniel Beasley & Jeremy Juno Remix.

Update (6/10): ‘Stranger’ has been renamed ‘I Could Be The One’

52 Comments to “Preview: Avicii vs. Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One”

  • ”More info on the release as we get it.”

    Jag kan höfta till med ett release datum. Inom 5 år skulle jag tippa på.

  • the instrumental was way better

  • It’s a no from me…

  • Why the hell does everyone feel the need to ruin great tracks with cheesy vocals these days. This is one of the best sounding tracks of the year and now sounds like complete garbage. And the fact that they’ve sat on this track for like a year without releasing it is a joke.

  • Vocal version is shit. Seriously. Track is ruined. Probably one of the worst Acapellas I ever heard.

  • Vocal version was ok but…..instrumental > Vocal

  • And also, its really wierd that there is no vocals in the 2nd breakdown?

  • hahahahha wtf?????? this vocal sucks

  • bad vocals, the version with D.A.N.C,E is much better

  • Justin if u dont like house music (comercial), listen techno or electro..

  • This simply can’t be the final version of this track. It’s a really incomplete vocal version. I prefer the instrumental, or the vocal version with D.A.N.C.E like maximilian said!

  • OMG this is really not a good acapella.. instrumental version is (still) awesome though

  • worst song of 2012.. hands DOWN

  • Oh god, that vocal really sucked! What a disappointment

  • Jesus christ this is awful

  • Nope.

  • BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahh comon… what a fuck… shitty vocal. the old version is much better….

  • Fail… big fail…

  • One of the worst vocals i have ever heard by a big producer


  • Good instrumental, horrible vocal.

  • Wish they could release the DANCE vocal but this isn’t nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be, it’s barely even there…

  • Seriously, this comment field is getting worse than Youtubes.

  • Why even put vocal? It’s great without it! I guess they are moneyhorny as usual and wan’t to please the mainstream audience.

  • Stop your whining everyone, the track is perfect regardless of the vocal.

  • I think it will not get approved. It already happened with Last Dance’s vocal version.

  • When I first heard him play this track at GLOW DC last year I was in awe. Now in the progressive house world it is becoming harder to create a track that really separates itself from many of the others by similar producers. This was one that I could not stop playing for months, Avicii is clearly one of the most talented producers for his genre and to hear him put this Accapella on this Instrumental is horrible. Not only does it not fit but it completely ruins a great song. I hope this isn’t the final version maybe he can save it somehow.

  • Pure shit. The vocal is AWFUL. How can you produce such a great instrumental and then put such an awful vocal over it?

  • 1 what happened with vocals in the second breakdown?

    2 why do they put the word ”levels” in the middle of the song?

    Seriously it’s the worst vocal I ever heard. The song was great and now it’s ruined. Avicii and Nicky have to think about this because it’s horrible.

  • I really want to believe that his manager is responsible for Avicii’s music and brand putting mass appeal before artistic integrity but I don’t know what to think. Every release HAS to have a vocal? As quickly as Avicii shot to the top of the prog house scene, it seems like he’s attempting to leverage that success into a radio-friendly pop-producer career. And if he’s just trying to make money then you can’t blame him, it’s just disappointing.

  • I dont think this will be the official one , look in this video Nicky Romero drop the second part WITH VOCALS, have a look here….

  • Släpp fucking låten right now!

  • Vocal has ruined this, massively!

  • awful vocal,it destroyed the track what a shame

  • Fy fan hela låten förstörd, det låter som världens sämsta mashup!

  • Even though I’m as disappointed as everyone else, what the eck, I’m sure the instrumental will be available aswell.

  • Terrible vocals!

  • I guess no one realizes that these two have worked with Davjd Guetta before and he is the MASTER of killing good instrumentals with horrible vocals. All they’re doing is following in his footsteps as being a more pop/radio oriented DJ…I still love these two to death but its true

  • few retarded comment there eg

    ”Martin says:

    1 what happened with vocals in the second breakdown?

    2 why do they put the word ”levels” in the middle of the song?”

    haha 1 its a different vocal version & 2 can you not tell it a podcast dumb ass the words ‘levels’ is not part of the track hahahaha

  • My god this is awful, my live copy of Avicii dropping this with the D.A.N.C.E has 200 plays and i was getting so excited for the release from 2 of my favourite producers and this is just shit.

    Vocals are not needed and if they were aiming for the catchy pop angle, they failed.

  • I agree the vocals are pretty terrible
    But I’m sure on the EP the instrumental will available….I’ll be playing that version
    I don’t understand why they’re waiting so long to release this though

  • ”5 november, 2012 kl 15:57
    Asm says:
    And also, its really wierd that there is no vocals in the 2nd breakdown?”

    Nicky Romero played the track a few days later on Protocol Radio. This edit has vocals in the 2nd breakdown, too. I made an extended mix of it, listen to it here:


  • i don’t know why everyone’s complaining about the vocal version when the instrumental will be released anyway

  • what label?

  • The instrumental will also be released but I can’t understand why this vocal has to be on the official version… People will think if it get’s played on the radio ”what a shitty track” because of bad, autotuned and lame vocal… sorry Avicii & Nicky Romero, but I still love the instrumental :)

  • I think it is going to be released on Spinnin’. Am I right?

  • Perry: Nope. Universal/LE7ELS

  • I hoped that there was any chance they maybe would get the right to use the D.A.N.C.E. vocal :/ i read 3 months ago that that is coming out on Mixmash, but i was wrong :D

    Now Warner is the label I think? Doesen’t matter, i enjoy the instrumental :)

  • [...] Nicktim/Stranger/I Could Be The One (or whatever you wanna call it) will finally get to see the light of day. The original instrumental track, coming from Avicii and Nicky Romero’s studios, known as Nicktim, was previewed ages ago, but it was not until quite recently that news of a vocal version came about. Avicii featured the (pretty much unchanged) track with added vocals on his own podcast LE7ELS a while back as ‘Stranger’. Now Nicky Romero has given us an official hook-up via his facebook page that the collaborative vocal version will now be released as ‘I Could Be The One‘ (yes, yet another name change). (source) [...]

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