Off the cuff of a year that quickly saw them ascend the industry food chain, Swedish newcomers Qulinez make amends for the silence since their debut for Size Records single ‘Troll’ with a two-track offering for Steve Angello’s imprint.

First premiered on their guest mix for Cr2 Records earlier this year, ‘Bamf’ deals in grinding synth work and mechanical beats for their heaviest offering so far, leaving Angello-approved set-staple ‘Dynamic’ to shake-up the strong melodic hallmarks that have already dominated their short yet sharp ascent of the global club circuit. Proving a solid compound of the elements that made their Size Records breakthrough such an immediate favorite, the oddly named Swedish duo indicate that in spite of their silence on the original production front Qulinez has more than one ace up their sleeve

Out December 3rd.

0:00 – Bamf
1:30 – Dynamic

Words by Dan Carter

66 Comments to “Preview: Qulinez – Bamf / Dynamic EP [Size]”

  • These guys are not good DJ’s/Producers. Theyve made 1 good track (Troll)…when they play live they have no energy and the audince is standing still because Qulinez are looking at theyre own feet…..suprised Steve Angello signed them

  • Dynamic is a BOMB!

  • Damn I’ll must admit that I was impressed by the first minute, but those chords in the breakdown? To happy-sounding to fit with that dark bassline.

  • The songs lack energy and for some reason they feel dated. Qulinez is still a no for me.

  • Not impressive. Troll was really great, but this is just nothing speciall

  • @P Indeed! Qulinez have made one good song ”Troll”. The others sucks big time.

  • it gives me headache. Note to all producers: STOP THE ‘BANGER’ THING !!

  • both tracks are really good! love the drop in Bamf!

  • This is so bad! I can’t believe that they are signed on SIZE?? Kick them angello, they don’t fit there at all! true shit….

  • lol always the same ”Qulinez bassline”, and always the same ” Qulinez melodic sound”.. So f*in borring and so bad.. Sounds YET AGAIN terrible! Im not hating, Im just participating!

  • Bamf is amazing untill the breakdown. What the fuck are those chords doing there? They ruin the entire song.

    Is steve really this ignorant towards ‘haters’ to actually think that what these guys have produced since Troll is good? He should have just signed Troll and not Qulinez.

  • Been waiting for these tracks for ages! They are so good. Congrats Qulinez, BAMF is really unique in the drop. BIG UP YOURSELF!

  • I would say 90% of SIZE are real shit.

    In one year have we forgot the most of he’s ”artists”.

  • Bamf’s bassline is exactly the same as in Zedd’s Scorpion Move. Is it a preset?!

  • Pete; No. Third Party, Tim Mason, An21 & Max are still pretty good! Excuse me, they are VERY GOOD producers! But W&W and Qulinez har just bad.. TRIM THE FAT STEVE! TRIM IT!


  • Daaamn, wait for the whole thing… chill the fuck out!

  • One hit wonder…

  • Wow, one time hitmakers huh? With Troll of course.

  • stop h8ters… dynamic is fucking massive!

  • I never liked so much the troll break synths, anyway i like troll.
    The melodies on dynamic are awsome for me.
    I dont think that steve angello signed this guys only for troll.
    Keep it up guys!

  • Haha, Alexander is absolutely right. Check this out:

    (”OMG A PRESET.” I know but still, and it’s Size.)

  • idk what you guys have been listening to but Qulinez are amazing! no doubt troll was just perfect but listen to their remix of sweet nothing, their remix of silent shadows, their remix of a heavy abacus, and dynamic is such well produced. i get the whole ’same sound’ thing and that sort of annoyed me at first but really, why does it matter if they have the same synths? like complaining that a rock band always has the same guitar sound, who cares as long as the songs are good

  • Henrique; It is not the same, beacuse their basslines are the core in everysong and so overpowering. And when they use the same sort of bassline, and melody in pretty mutch every track it automaticlly sounds the same. And it is to cheeeezy, they just change the chords, and the melody a bit and the BOOM a new track. Ridiculous, must take like 1 hour to produce every track. And well produced, naah… W&W said themselves, that SIZE RECORDS helps the producers with the mastering and shit but they themselves do the mixing and processing. And I think that when it comes to producing well, very well. Qulinez arent event good at that, it sounds muddy and cheap very often.

    AND I think that it is their DUTY to mix it up and do diffrent shit/sounds when they are signed to SIZE!

  • Holy crap, I have been waiting for Dynamic for quite some time now and boy does it feel GOOD to finally hear it in decent quality. Unfortunately I think the bpm is just a bit low, but the track is still a massive one – one that’ll definitely earn a place in my playlist when it hits.

  • I would bet that both Qulinez and W&W dont have any future in music.
    Sad to say, but both dont have the talange.

  • Pete: +1

  • Dynamic is a good track and you can’t complain that they use the same sound over again on that one.

  • Kinda pathetic that these guys are so overhyped

  • grrrrr: Just calling it as I see it. Tired of this shit. It is a joke that they played at Tomorrowland.. One could only guess who gave the boys that gig (steve angello).. Without steve, tomorrlowland would definitely said NO. They are not TL-worthy! And I look at their gig on youtube, it was not good. No energy, they where uncomfortable. Tracklist was not good, and it showed!

  • @Pete +1

    Some of this ”young hot shots” are coming up to fast I think. Since everybody wants to be a DJ/producer these days the quality of the music needs to be higher. Take this for example:

    Hope this is a mistake of some kind because this sounds like something a bedroom producer with 2 months of knowledge could make…

  • Bruce Wayne: +1 haha, that says it all! It was so bad haha… Muddy, week, bad vengeance samples all over the place.

    Can EVERYBODY who hates on us just go and listen to the track that Bruce Wayne posted.

  • This might be a sweeping statement, but the kind of guys that like this particular music are the tanktop-ripped-rave-coloured-sunglasses-indoor-screaming-guy that just wanna ”have a good time” and don’t care as long as it’s some bass. This kind of generic fast food-music isn’t my cup of tea, that’s all.

  • Bruce Wayne +1.

    Just listened to both tracks again, and I have to say that I like the idea that is behind dynamic, Melody & chords are nice, but when the beat comes in it just feels like a Basshunter – Boten Anna like track. The beat+bass just drag everything down by miles.

  • not the usual size standard at all…
    cool artwork though

  • Didnt like dynamic, but bamf is big! Really like the drop, badass as fuck! :) Huge

  • Bruce Wayne :

    Yeah, that track and all the other W&W tracks are all horrible.

    It’s fun too see, Steve have promoted this 2 guys pretty hard, but still they just have about 2k fans on Facebook, and are only famous because of the label they are signed at.

    Should guess that 50% of that 2K fans are ”FB-friends” to them.

    Anyway, will be fun to see in the future when they realize that this moment right now was their klimax in the career. ;)

  • Bamf was nothing more than a good festival record, but dynamic is just insane!!! Guys you gotta stop comparing every song to their first one.

    Benny benassi is never gonna make another Satisfaction, SHM aint gonna do ONE. Avicii no levels.

    Get it?

  • Haha you guys must be angry at everything and everyone. And all of you who hate the guys, continue. It just makes them more famous :D Do you understand how much fun these guys have when they play, I bet that they get alot of cash too! Must hurt alot when things are going good for others! W&w, you cant talk about them.. They havent released anything yet. What you posted over this are old tracks, listen to their new productions first and talk later X)? The tracks they played up on their livestream was absolutely crazy! But back to you haters, hell of a tough life you must have XD you produce too and havnt got anywhere and thats the reason why you start hating on these young guys because its going good for them haha XD , this Jantelag in Sweden is quite sick! S.A and Bruce Wayne, dont forget that karma is a bitch.

  • wow this sucks :/

  • S.A : 1+

    Just be quiet Eric. Wayne and Woods tracks sucks big. Regarding Qulinez, they are not in the Swedens top 10 producers list if you call it that way. Rather the top 10 of Swedens worst producers that has made it internationally. Wayne and Woods has also a place on that list.

  • And we all know that none of them would have made it internationally without SIZE and Steve Angello. Witch lead to the conclusion that their own music can’t carry them, witch means that their music basically suck.

  • S.A and Lucies +1!

  • These tracks are banging dunno what you guys are smoking these days but forget about everything and just let the music take you on a journey. This my friends is a good journey!

    One up to QULINEZ!!!

  • C.G: haha worst comment ever.

    Electro house … journey?!?! pfffff. Electro house is like ”right here right now”.

  • NO HATE. But I think some of you guys mean that this sounds like ”Boten Anna” is because these guys produced that kind of ”disco” music a while ago, I think they produced it under the name of ”Vinylshakerz” or something and that was the music that was played at youth clubs for kids that are 12 years old. The ”influence” from that music is maybe still there, in their heads, I don’t know…

  • Sorry, Secondtunez were there name…. Haha wow, how could I do that mixup, my bad

  • Damn you all crack me up sheeps. Keep commenting on that post…

    This release is mad decent and I’m glad that they made something very cool for their follow-up!

  • Not a big fan of Bamf but Dynamic is pretty good!

  • Don’t know exactly know why people are hating; I think it sounds pretty good, I’d love to hear the production from the people that disapprove of this.

  • So if you want to criticising, must you do better?
    That’s sound strange, so all sports commentators must self be a pro to comment matches?


  • Pete: To be fair, sports commentators are professionally referred to as ”expert commentators”.

  • I think you guys are too hard on them now. I have very high standard for what I think is good and I was expecting this to be suuuuuuuuperbad after the comments.

    But really, it aint super bad, only thing i would say is the break in bamf and the percs in that song aswell. There is sooo much worse music out there than this, that people tend to like and call bombs whatever.

    No bombs, but no disaster either..

  • Bamf is crap, Dynamic is gold!

  • In that case, I’d love to hear the music production from the people that approve of this! Same thing! So plz, dont even write such comments!

    AQ: Yes, there is much worse music out there, but this comes from Steves label SIZE. SIZE = quality. This is not quality! And no, this isn’t a disaster. But the tracks are poor, and poorly constructed.

    Stop defending them! They put this shit out here. So by that they leave the tracks open for criticism. But I guess according to some people here, you have to swallow and love everything that is thrown at you and say that it is good no matter what or else…! You guys scare me!

  • S.A: You’re free to comment but keep the language civil and at a mature level. Behaving like a three-year-old won’t help you in your arguments.

  • Kul att ni redigerade mitt inlägg beatmyday! Herregud, vad hände med yttrandefriheten?

    Funny that you edited my post beatmyday! My God, what happened to free speech?


  • Civil and Mature?? Didin’t I do that.. Three-year-old? Only beacuse I drew an analogy with the Hippies & Nazies you call that immature? Hippies loves everything, and in the nazi-world if you disagreed with their opinions they killied(1940) you aka ”hated”(year 2012) on you! I think the term nazi-hippie shit, sums up it pretty good regarding what is going on here. Everyone of the lovers hates on us who disagree and attacks us.

  • Wow… this is actually going to be released on SIZE?! No kidding.. chords and drops doesn’t sound like they’ve spent much time on it.. this is demolishing the size image.

  • S.A.’s comment made me smile, look up Godwin’s law.

  • SIZE last good release was Atom, and before that, The Moment, maybe steve has lost his taste in music?

  • idk i still like them :) and dynamic is really different from all their songs, and so is bamf except for the pretty weird transition into the chords :\ but idk i keep looking back at troll and seeing these guys as legends lol :D

  • I was at Sander Van Doorns gig last night here in Helsinki, and Qulinez played here as a ”warm up”. I have to say, they had a very good set and they had a contact with the crowd! Yes, maybe some of their tracks in fact sound similar to the rest, I agree with that! In my opinion Qulinez is still a hot and interesting duo. I look forward to this EP and future releases from Qulinez! BTW!!! SANDER VAN DOORN ROCKED IT TO THE MAXIMUM! Cheers

  • Is this really so bad? I think it sounds like a huge festival banger. Can someone please put a finger on the problem with this track? Thank you!

  • Long comment section is long

  • Haters go to hell ! Awesome EP of Size records ! Qulinez making a quality job with this tracks !

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