Artem Stolyarov, better known to the world as Arty, has taken substantial pride in assuming the role of his country’s more creative young blood. But in the wake of his latest release for Armada, ‘Must Be The Love‘, the Russian wunderkind steps up to the mark again to make his Refune Records debut with ‘When I See You’.

Where high quantity often tend to make for a decrease as far as quality is concerned, Arty’s sixth original of the year, however, fails to mirror that saying while beckoning that exact stadium-esque magic that the industry has continued to appraise him for. As debuted in the fifth episode of Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Radio show, the heart warming romp of gracefully orchestrated synth work that makes up ‘When I See You’ comes at the fold of a year that has Arty’s name written all over it.

Out December 21st via Refune.

23 Comments to “Preview: Arty – When I See You [Refune]”

  • The chord progression in the drop sounds like shit imo.

  • absolutely love it!

  • I like it.

  • cool one

  • Trance on Refune? Not cool at all

  • this is not trance u , it is progressive house, it was a long time ago arty produced real trance!

  • You have got to be kidding me , Arty still isn’t releasing Together We Are ? its about to be a year ! =/ . either way this is a good track , i like the bass .

  • @Simon:

    Agree with you on that this isn’t trance, but this is also definitely not progressive house, you may call it electronic pop, edm or whatevery you want except progressive house, and f.y.i. alesso, dirty south, axwell etc. doesn’t produce progressive house either, they’re producing edm aswell. Don’t even metion the progressive house chart on beatport, it’s bullshit, you can ask anyone who’s a tru fan of house music. You’re listening to progressive house when you’re listenning to e.g. Pryda, Adam K & Soha and a Deadmau5 track that’s progressive is e.g. ”Closer” from his new album ”album title goes here”. Hope you learned something today.

    This track is however not bad for a EDM track.

  • @Max

    EDM is a genre umbrella in which progressive house, electro, tech, minimal, dubstep, glitch-hop, hardstyle, and trance fall under. Arty dabbles in multiple genres. True trance, Electro house, progressive house, and progressive trance. Either way every individual will interpret it how they wish, validating all of our perspectives. Music is a subjective experience, lad. Ask any true dance music fan.

  • arty hasn’t produced a trance record since ”kate”.

  • ”Trouse” on refune? yes !!

  • @VE: Wrong, ”The Wall” and ”Must Be The Love” together with BT is also trance, and these tracks came after ”Kate”.

  • What is progressive trance then?

  • @ChPH its when the full track kicks in after 6 mins ;)

  • I have a feeling my track isnt gonna be released tomorrow. Just warning you guys. SMH Refune

  • Beatport fail

  • What the hell is wrong with this label…first reload now this. cant believe that someone like ingrosso stays for this sort of service.

  • ffs they always do this shit!

  • Who cares what genre honestly? It’s a sick track, just enjoy it!

  • This is not cool at all

  • if you people have a problem dont listen. no need to comment and bitch about it

  • mmmmm i kinda feel the tadadada is … sorta language by port rob

  • I only see stuff about the alesso mix, the original is going to be released with the remix on refune?

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