Once the budding protégés of homeland veterans Chocholate Puma, Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstratens’ Bingo Players alias has blossomed into yet another global festival fuelling asset to the Dutch House movement. Where 2012 has seen them exploit their versatile studio skills and matching live presence, the not-so-typical national outfit follow up stubborn peak-timer ‘L’Amour’ with ‘Out Of My Mind’. Pushing a rich array of high-end synth work and gritty beats, Bingo Players touch on the nerve ends of their national competition with a track that proves energetic landmarks need not echo the norm within modern Dance music.

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  • Fetast i orten

  • den e feet men låter lite som jupiter rising – electro pop..

  • Fat!


    Last release in February? Where you guys been….

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