Having made the overcrowded realms of Electro House their own throughout 2012, At Night duo Cazzette unleash part one of their hotly tipped debut album ‘Eject’ exclusively via Spotify.

Hailing the already familiar first album single ‘Beam Me Up (Kill Mode)‘ in its tough yet melodic glory, the first of three exclusive online instalments celebrates the consistent juxtapositions between the gritty riffage, impromptu dub step digressions and emotive melodic resonance that has made the duo an indispensible asset to global club land through an initial six tasters of the full-length offering. With part to on course for December the 11th and the final instalment set to drop January 22, Eject is sure to prove a phenomenal bow to the arrow of a duo whose meteoric rise has only made their sound stronger of late.

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17 Comments to “Album Release: Cazzette – Eject (Part 1)”

  • spotify, buuuuuuuuuuuuuh

  • Not a single good track IMO (Beam Me Up being the best of the worst though…). Seems like 2012 was the year quality electronic music got lost for ever. What a pitty…

  • ALDO, maybe you should start listening to something else then,
    I love the Album all of the tracks are good!

  • Haven’t hears the other tracks, but this vocal version of Kill Mode is ruining the track!

  • *heard

    Also The Rat is quite a rad track. Like it. Oh, what about a track of theirs called ”Make Some Room”? I suppose it will be on the second part of the album?

  • Run For Cover also had ASTONISHING potential, that is untill the dubstep part came in and made me stop it immediately cause my ears were hurting.

  • Guys,someone – help! Who can download the FULL Part 1,please send me a link on my mail: ruslantheonedj@gmail.com. I can’t enter on Spotify,because i’m not Sverige! Please,guys.

  • haters gon hate, let em, they dont know good music if it slapped them in the face

  • Amazing, every single track is great!

  • Instrumental version of Beam Me Up, please.

  • I guarantee they’ve got some kind of agreement with Spotify to do this. They’ve been my favorite for a few months now and I can’t believe they’d do something this dirty. The idea that they think they’re good enough for people to pay a monthly subscription to this album is just a big middle finger to all their fans.

  • Something refreshing, finally. I’ve been waiting for Cazzette to release an album for over a year now. These guys have a unique style and I for one love it.

  • Fuck spotify!!! Put it on stream please!

  • Omg are you all serious? No need to pay a monthly subscription – -’ just pay one only download for 1€59 and do the same things for the others tracks whats your problem.

  • Are there 3 new tracks in part 2 and part 3?

  • Well, this is indeed a shat on their fans because Spotify isn’t available on most countries.
    So guess what, illegal download is the way to go.

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