As first revealed in an interview with Fuse TV, Afrojack took to last night’s performance at Congress Theater in Chicago to premier his official remix of ‘Gangnam Style’. No stranger to controversial remixes, the bonafide partyboy returns to the duties of remixing after taking on Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ for his one-and-only official take of the widely acclaimed PSY single.

Unsurprisingly swapping the entire instrumental of the original for his own, bleep-happy and grind-heavy sound, Nick Van De Wall complements the uninspiring vocal properties of ‘Gangnam Style’ with instrumental work that encapsulates the gritty energy that we have come to associate with Afrojack over the years.

Update (25/12): An official preview of the remix is now available.

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  • Bootleg not remix !

  • Jean: It’s official so yes, it’s a remix.

  • It’s a remix… its official

  • Im pretty sure he is just using the acapella here.. not the offical remix

  • it is a remix. PSY chose him personally to be the only one allowed to remix his song

  • It is OBVIOUS during the breakdown when he starts looping the acapella.. and the phrases dont even match up..

  • Not very good :/

  • It can not be the official ! Take a look at the vocal at 1:52 !!!
    It’s completely OFF BEAT !!!!!

  • @Ruben Anderson Exactly!

  • What a piece of shit, Afrojack has no shame by using that crap? without the acapella its PERFECT.

  • Unless Afrojack confirmed this is the official remix, I wouldn’t say this is the one. You can hear that the acapella is mixed in live in some parts. Just saying! But maybe it is..

  • Proof that he is GOING to do 1 not that this is it.. He even says in the video the song is still in his head, he has not started…. He obviously has the EXACT acapella since he is remixing it.. so I guarantee he is just using the acapella on an existing afrojack tune

  • @Asko

    Yes, that is proof he is making a remix. I do think the video above is a bootleg though.

  • What’s the difference between a remix and a bootleg?

  • remix = official, the label of one the original has commissioned it.

    bootleg = unofficial, havent gotten permission from label/artist

    i would agree, that this probably isn’t his remix, however, sounds like an original with the acapella over it. Not really sure why he would choose to play something like this though having just announced he’ll be making the remix.

    and also despite what he claims, i doubt he’s had time to put that well of a put together of a track without at least some studio time.

  • @mybrobrenna Thanks!

    As for the topic, IF this really is the actually remix which I don’t think it is, I’m kinda disappointed. It does sound like Afrojack style for sure, you really can hear that, but it’s just not good enough. Low quality track this time, sorry Nick.

  • fucking good beat regardless

  • yeah this cant be his remix. obvious he is live mixing the acapella over it

  • @Jean: It’s official, so it’s actually a remix.
    ”Talking to Fuse, he revealed he had exclusive access to the tune and that Psy had picked him especially.” –

  • Jean, it’s an official remix, not a bootleg ;)

  • Everybody it looks like this could be an early draft of the remix.

  • What’s the name of the MC…? Same one as on the Sensation events right?

  • Oracle : It’s Arojack talking :)

  • Of course I meant Afrojack. Typos, we all make them.

  • Lol why would his management tell you it wasn’t his remix right before you find a video where he confirms it?

  • Worst use of an acapella ive
    heard. Why On earth does he want to remix this piece of shit track?

  • Evan: No clue.. They’re evidently not kept in the loop.

  • Reminds me a lot of antidote, goes HAM

  • He hasn’t mastered the vocals so used an acpapella and didn’t get it righta

  • official or unofficial…. it’s shit.

  • Paul ; I’m agree haha

  • Cool in my opinion, the vocal really doesn’t fit though…

  • This sounds A LOT like ”Chemistry (Turn The Flame Higher)” from Hard Rock Sofa, Matisse & Sadko and Swanky Tunes ?!?!?

  • Officially it is a remix yes, but it sucks….Honestly. All it is; is a petty excuse of gangnam style acapella sample in the break and then some random electro beat before and after, which do not in any way resemble gangnam style. Sory. lost me on that.

  • But yes, the beat on it’s own is rather hot…he should have released that as his own single under another title and it could have been a Miami/Ibiza/Worlwide Hit.

  • The acapella is not sync at 2.22, LOL.

  • Afrojack, for the first time in my life, you’ve let me down. What he does with the vocals sounds unprofessional, the vocals doesn’t even match with the melody.. This could have turned out as a true Afrojack banger, something he is known for. This is, hands down, the worst thing I’ve heard this year.

    This must be a joke, it can’t be official. Is he ill? I bet PSY is ashamed right now.

  • Ahaha, good god. The acapella doesn’t even fucking fit. This guy’s a real piece of work, and I for one don’t understand how he could as big as he currently is.

  • Absolutely crap… sry my opinion

  • Really bad. Since the original is so sucessful I think it would be better if Psy would let something completly different Remix it. Even tho I dont like dubstep Im pretty sure that Skrillex would make something amazing from this

  • Vocals and melody not so great, but the drop is good imo

  • @Fluff Why would PSY be ashamed, when he personally chose only Afrojack to remix it

  • this isn’t generic sounding at all :|

    EDM is dead.

  • Can’t wait for the Club Mix of this

  • @b

    ”EDM is dead”… dude you just called it EDM… really… how can you even say that…

    About the remix… Its crap. Just like 90% of afrojack’s tracks.

  • @hedz

    Dude, did you just say that 90 % of Afrojack’s tracks are crap?….. Really?….. How can you even say that?…

  • @Data

    Dute, did you just say that 90% of afrojack’s tracks aren’t crap?….. Really?….. How can you even say that?

  • this is crap but listen to older classic tracks from afrojack such as: bangduck , replica, pacha on acid etc

  • still hope he will include tracks like Radioman, Chords, Must Be A Reason Why (rmx), Louder Than Words and Tequila Sunrise on the album…. his more progressive / tech kinda tracks are way better than the electro ones IMO

  • this is actually sad for EDM

  • Afrojack … omg he went to commercial side working with Pitbull and those idiots. Fuck.. it is awfull that this man is any longer in EDM Scene.. there are lots of talents that are not going down to mainstream cus of money. Fuck Him. Even The shit he said to Deadmau5 he lost any sympathy from me.

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