Dutch heavyweight Laidback Luke reunites with Oxford producer Lee Mortimer for a filthy, new release on his own Mixmash Records. In the wake of the free release of Luke’s ‘Cambodia‘, the duo mark their return with the long overdue follow-up to 2009’s acclaimed ‘Blau’ single in ‘Strobelight’. Dealing in a simple yet hard hitting display of blistering lead play and grumbling low-end riffage, ‘Strobelight’ sees the cross-nation pair bring something of a fresh take on modern Electro House into the equation.

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5 Comments to “Release: Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Strobelight”

  • Bloody Brilliant ! <3

  • I don’t get the hype around LBL’s original tracks. It’s original as fuck, I will give you that, but it does NOT sound good, to me at least. His remixes tho, thumbs up. LBL is after all a huge favorite in the community.

  • By far his best release lately

  • Michael, I kind of agree with you. LBL has a very special sound and personally I think his tracks sounds a bit weird sometimes. But I guess it’s a matter of personal taste. His skills behind the decks is just crazy though. He may not be one of the most interesting producers, but one of the most interesting DJs out there for sure.

  • Different, but terrible to me. Pity as I am rather fond of The Laibbacknes

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